Weekend Round Up and more….

I am really enjoying the Ultimate Blog Party, and although I have only managed to view a fraction of the great blogs taking part, I have already discovered some new ones which I plan to return to. If you are back here for only the second time, having found me during the blog party, you are most welcome.

Did not manage to complete another scrapbook layout over the weekend, but I will tell you what I was up to.

On Saturday a friend and I organised a Nearly New Book, Clothes, Toys and Baby Equipment Sale, the proceeds of which would be supporting a medical mission hospital in Ghana. We were only open for 2 hours, and with lots of help from a great team, we managed to raise £802! We were delighted, as I had two main worries

  1. We would not have enough stuff donated to sell
  2. No-one would turn up to buy the stuff

Fortunately I need not have worried on either count, but I like to worry. If I am not worrying, I worry I have forgotten something I should be worrying about! It is something I need to allow God to have more control over – but I am a work in progress and He has not finished with me yet!

Yesterday after church and lunch we went with friends to Lord Thomas and Lady Dixon park in Belfast – now there is a name and a half! You can find out more about the park HERE.

The Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park is a park located in South Belfast. The park spans almost 130 acres and is accessible from the Upper Malone Road. The park features a series of themed gardens, meadows, copses, woodland and a RoseJapanese garden

The park was bequeathed to the people of Belfast in 1959 by Lady Dixon and was dedicated to the memory of her husband, the late Sir Thomas Dixon.

The park has gained fame for its displays of over 20,000 roses in bloom each summer and each year hosts international Rose Garden and Rhododendron displays.

Here a just a few of my photos –

It is a lovely place of contrasts – wide open spaces, secluded Japenese pond with stepping stones, little hidden gates and alcoves, trees to climb, and a VERY muddy play park.

On to my other passion – digital scrapbooking. I know a few of you DON’T YET digital scrap (gasp of horror!) but if you are tempted to dabble, there is a wonderful new FREE kit from Shabby Princess…a perfect place to start a digital scrapping journey. The kit is called Promise, and if you click HERE you can go and download it.


Finally, you didn’t think you could escape reading my blog without me mentioning my St Patricks Day bloggy giveaway? Did you? I have another photo to share today – of a very cute box that I will be sending the surprise gift in. If you want this box, and the springy prize that will be inside….come back next Monday, leave a comment, and it could be YOU who gets this in the post.

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  1. Oh I love your photos, especially the one with the gate. You can do some lovely scraps with them.


  2. I’m going to download the kit right now…even though I don’t have the first clue what to do with it yet! It’s very cute!

    The park is gorgeous…it is so green there already!

  3. janmary tell us what you do on st pats… tell us what you eat? i know growing up my mom always made corned beef and cabbage, and my dad read to us from his grandmothers diary from traveling to the US… but i wnat to know what you do!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I just love getting visitors and reading their comments.

    WOW!! Those photos are absolutely AWESOME!!!!

  5. I love your photos they are beautiful.
    Well done for raising so much money for what seems a very worthy cause.

  6. I’m glad the sale went well, and I can so relate to you on the worrying thing! I heard someone say though, that worrying is the ONE thing God won’t help you do…Lord, please grow my faith, not, Lord, please help me worry about this. Makes sense!
    And *gasp* I am one of those who isn’t into digital scrap booking. You might just push me over the edge though…especially since I am soooo far behind on my current projects. We’ll see!

  7. Hello over there in the Emerald Isle! Greetings from Canada!! I just found your blog from the Ultimate Blog Party and am enjoying it! My family roots are in N. Ireland- I know that’s what they all say but!!!:):) My maternal grandparents are from Antrim and Co. Tyrone, so I still have loads of cousins and friends over there! In fact, I am soo excited…I just booked a trip for the summer! Yay!! ANyways, stop by my blog sometime…take care and GOd Bless!! Karyne

  8. That’s a beautiful park!
    My favorite pic is the gate.
    I’m one of those that haven’t started digiscrapping yet. :blush: That link is calling to me.

  9. Hello 🙂 I amswered your question over at my latest post. I have just donwloaded that shabby princess item …..you may have anew convert here !

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