Lessons Learned – Hats, education and faith

A bit of a mixed bag of lessons learned this week.

First, because I love the photo, as they say “If you want to get ahead, get a hat” – who said that anyway?

While checking out a local craft fair last week, my daughter chose this gorgeous hand-knitted hat.  A bargin at only £6. Are you a hat-person? I am definitely not, or at least I have yet to find a hat which looked as good on me as it does when it is in my hands!

Second – Education, eductaion, education

With all 3 kids being back to school, and my youngest finally having full school hours of 9am to 2pm, it is not surprising that I am learning lots about their education this week.

Ever wonder what goes on in your child’s head? Well this week I got a glimpse as my eldest composed a poem entitled “Inside my Head”.

My middle child had a great fun homework this week – make up 3 wacky excuses as to why you were not able to do your homework.  Here are what she came up with:

My son got his first book home to “read” this week, no words yet, but a cause of great pride and excitement for him! 

Here he is reading it to his big sisters.

Sunday was Remembrance Sunday, and after a walk in the park we went to the War Memorial.  It was moving to see so many remembered from wars past and present, and those killed in duty far away and close to home too.

Final Lesson – and by no means least, I have again this week had the privilege of having one of my children ask me how they can become a friend of Jesus, and leading them in prayer to become a Christian, 

Their child-like faith is so moving, at such a young age, and I look forward to watching their faith grow and mature.  All three of our kids have now made a commitment to the Christian faith.  It is a challenge to me to continue to live my faith as an example for them every day and pray that I will be an encouragement to them.

Have YOU learned anything this week? Please share.

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9 thoughts on “Lessons Learned – Hats, education and faith”

  1. I’m definitely a hat person for the winter. I’m not much of a cold weather person. I don’t go for style, I go for warmth. I don’t care if I look goofy 😉

  2. Caution Flag

    Those are worthy lessons! What creative children you have (and beautiful, too.) How blessed you are to have had the privelege of leading your child in the what we call “the sinner’s prayer.” Way to go, Mom, for setting the example!

  3. The pic of the 3 of them together reading is so touching. Love how they ar really paying attention to their little brother. Cute cap too – I’m in the market for a new cap for my daughter.

  4. What wonderful lessons again! Congratulations for being such a great model to your kids that they’ve all chosen to follow in Christianity. What a great, and challenging, accomplishment!!!

  5. Hi JanMary!
    Wonderful story! You have some creative children. I believe it’s a blessing when children are allowed to explore their world with the love and nurturing of their parents! *sighs* I miss those days when my now 22 year old son was that age.

  6. of ANYTHING you’ve ever posted (and you have many amazing posts) – THIS post brings me the most joy for you, for your children, your family. What an incredible blessing to know your children all have a commitment to our Lord and Savior! I’m sure this is probably the most important milestone there can be. THANK YOU for sharing such an intimate, special moment.

    Love, Barb

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