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12 midnight GMT 14 March 2009.

Winner will be drawn Sunday 15th March

Main Carnival/Giveaway starts 17 March 2009 – see you there!

I am really excited to be hosting my first ever Blogging Carnival.

Thanks to Dusty Bear and DCRMom I have created this button.

And now for a prize for the Carnival, which you can enter to win now, you don’t have to wait for St Patrick’s Day!

If you would like to win this small irish linen shamrock bag before the Carnival even begins, then here is how you can enter:

1.Copy the code (in the right column) to add the button to your blog and leave a comment on this post.

2. Subscribe to WelcometomyworldJanMary and then leave another separate comment (if you are already subscribed leave a comment letting me know, it’ll count).

3 Write a short post about this St Patricks Day Blogging Carnival on your site and link back here, come back and leave another separate comment.

Everyone who joins in the St Patricks Day carnival on 17 March 2009 here on my blog will be eligble for some great prizes – details or more prizes to follow soon.

Any posts related to anything irish, or how you celebrate or don’t celebrate St Patrick’s Day will be welcome.
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  1. I am a very happy subscriber already!!

    I can feel my great, great grandparents smiling down on me. They were named Gollaher and from Ireland.

  2. Who does not love a carnival? I think it’s a great way to create some fun at a dreary time of the year. I’m sorry I did not visit earlier – I went to town for a change.

    I’m not sure I’ll be able to join in your carnival but I will enjjoy following along!

  3. Great idea for a carnival!

    I’ve answered a few of your questions today on the domestic fringe. Thanks for asking!


  4. I have managed to put your button onto my blog. I am amazed I was able to do it. Count me in. I am really looking forward to the blogging carnival. It will be my first one!

  5. Someone told me that there’s a carnival going on (with an Irish accent, no less!) and whenever there’s a carnival, there’s usually hot, fatty food and usually, whenever there’s hot, fatty food, there’s me.

    But St. Patty’s day falls on a Tuesday and I usually don’t post on Tuesdays so I don’t know if I can participate in a blogging sense, but I’ll put your cute little button on my sidebar!

  6. This sounds like so much fun!
    And, for more honors, I’m passing 2 awards on to you…..just go to my blog!

  7. This sounds like fun. I can’t figure out if I’ve left quite enough comments. But, I have posted about this carnival and linked back here.
    top o’the mornin’…

  8. Well, I was raised by an Irish grandmother who was from County Sligo, Ireland. She imigrated here in 1921. I got to see where she was from when I travelled there in 1977. I don’t do anything special for St. Patrick’s day, though. My grandmother used to like to have corned beef and cabbage (did you know corned beef is called that because is has pepper corns on it?). Anyway, yesterday I made myself a long kelly green skirt!

  9. Hi there JanMary,

    I came across your blog through another’s. I am just new to this whole affair but smiled when I saw you were from my homeland! I like you never celebrated St Patrick’s Day growing up in Bally money. Now we live in America(all the details on my blog)and celebrate it every year!Your page made me reminisce and miss ‘fadge’ and a ‘soda farl’. Thanks for the memories…

  10. Number 2 is done, subscribed to your blog! Now, I won’t miss them updates!

  11. Now, this one has nothing to do with the contest,…

    thanks so much for letting me know about this.

    I love the new layout and design.

    I love all the posts I read going forward to page 3.

    You are so talented.

    I love the little Blogging Carnival button.

    Can’t wait to see the pictures of the parade.

    I’m so glad you didn’t forget about me!

    Hope you had a wonderful day in Ireland! ♥

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Welcome to my first ever hosting of a blogging carnival.

I hope you will enjoy your visit here.

Even if you have no obvious connection with Ireland, as the sign about the Guiness Museum in Dublin says

Growing up here in Northern Ireland, I never really celebrated the day. We did not get the day off school unless our school happened to be in the Rugby School’s Cup Final.

I hate to dissilusin you, but I first heard about

  • wearing green to avoid being pinched
  • eating corned beef and cabbage
  • having leprechauns playing tricks and turning the milk green

all here in blog-land since I started blogging. I think all the leprechauns are too busy playing tricks in the rest of the world to have time to do anything here! I don’t know of anyone here who does these things.

The only corned beef here is a cheep (and in my opinion – nasty) tinned meat which I would never serve to anyone. I have seen some delicious recipes on-line for an altogether different dish, which I would love to try some time. I did serve cabbage with our roast chicken dinner last night!

However last year I went with my husband and son into Belfast to see the St Patrick’s Day carnival, and that is my plan for today as well. Pics of the parade will follow.

Last week on my blog I posted a photo of 3 types of northern irish bread and asked if you knew what they were.

They were

Soda Bread (Leanne has a great recipe here). This is lovely with butter and raspberry jam, toasted with melted cheddar cheese, or fried and part of an Ulster Fry

Potato Bread. A very unique taste and texture (but in a good way!) and no Ulster Fry is complete without it.

Wheaten Bread. Lovely served with a bowl of vegetable broth. I will ask my Mum for her recipe and share it on my blog soon.

In the mean time I hope you will join in the fun. If you have a blog, and write a post about any way in which you celebrate, or don’t celebrate (!) St Patrick’s Day which includes a link back to this blog, then please add it to Mr Linky below.

A few wee rules
1. Family friendly posts only please
2. Link to the specific St Patrick’s Day post, not just to your blog. Please mention my carnival and link back to my master list here. (Empty links will be deleted).
3. Have fun.

Mr Linky will be up until Saturday 21st.

Prize winners will be chosen at random and announced on Sunday. To win leave a comment, telling me what you do to celebrate St Patricks Day, or just if you don’t. Those who join in with Mr Linky get an additional entry (but no need to comment twice),

The prizes – updated – now 12 prizes in total

  • A $15 voucher for Katie Hadfield’s Digital Scrapbooking Store at The Lily-Pad (I love her doodles)
  • A personalised necklace from The Vintage Pearl (visit her store – she has many gorgeous items)

  • 2 linen glass clothes
  • a linen scrim
  • 3 irish books – Irish Baking, Irish Sayings, Celtic Blessings
  • an irish linen hanky

So are you ready?


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  1. I am so excited for you for your Carnival JanMary – I bet you get a gazillion people come by. I will be thinking of you as you celebrate.

    I’ve heard of two of the three breads you posted – I love learning of your customs. You really should have been a journalist, or at least written for a magazine!

    Thank you so much for sharing, its ALWAYS a highlight of my day to stop in here!

  2. Oh…you’ve ruined it for me! You don’t wear green? You don’t eat corned beef and cabbage? LOL!! Fun stuff…and thanks for the recipe for the soda bread. I’m going to go out to eat tomorrow where they have the best soda bread on St. Patrick’s day! Love the photos of the church windows!! Wow!!

  3. I do love soda bread. Sometimes, they put caraway seeds in it over here. YUCK! I’m looking forward to seeing the recipe’s. As my mom tells me, always remember that your Irish and your beautiful.

  4. We don’t wear green or eat corned beef and cabbage either. We do go and spend time with David’s parents and remince though!
    Soda bread is a favourite in our home, usually served with an Ulster fry.
    Thanks for the invite to join your carnival, I have added a post about your fun carnival.
    Have a great day!

  5. i will have my very american celebration up tomorrow night. i am excited to try some of the bread recipes that you have posted.

    since we are on spring break we may even have time tomorrow!

    thanks for organizing this!!

  6. All we do at my house is wear green to keep from being pinched! Tomorrow I will link up with some blooming shamrocks:)

  7. I put my link up, but somehow made a mistake the first time. It ended up linking to an old post that I had entered into another linky a long time ago. If you can, please delete the first link under “SueInJapan”. So sorry for the trouble! I enjoyed the first two posts on the list, and look forward to seeing more!

  8. Belfast is a great day out on St Paddy’s.

    All change here. We’re off to the zoo now, I could cry at the thought of that hill.

    Who puts a zoo on the side of a mountain?

    Only the Irish;)

  9. Hi jan
    If the sunny side of the stone is up on St Patricks Day then it will be a good summer
    Unfortunately here in Tyrone it is foggy this morning

  10. Hi Jan, hope you get some good pics at the parade. I am off to te school’s cup for my pics today. Happy St Patrick’s Day.

  11. Happy St. Patricks Day!

    Hope your day is fantastic.

    I am all linked up and look forward to visiting the other sites as well!

  12. Those breads look yummy! Happy St.Patty’s Day! We aren’t really celebrating here…unless I go to a bar for some green beer tonight, which is highly doubtful. LOL

  13. Well, after reading your blog, I see that I’m not celebrating St. Patrick’s day very authentically! I am very excited about the bread recipes. Thanks for sharing them with us!

  14. Happy St. Patrick’s Day. I guess all the things I thought I knew about the holiday aren’t true or Americanized 🙂 Have a great day!

  15. My kids are wearing green and they’ve already pinched me because I never can keep up with the day, much less the date.

    I did provide green food, though, because we had guacamole with our completely untraditional Mexican food on this most Irish of holidays.

    Lovely to meet you – I’m actually half Irish (so I get away with carrying green DNA) and I’m here via Kellie’s blog.

  16. You are so fun to do this. I didn’t get my act together to blog about St. Patrick’s Day but there is green in my shirt and there will be green in the tacos we eat tonight! I did tweet a Happy St. Patrick’s Day wish.

    Have a good one!

  17. JanMary – I just linked! Thanks for letting me get in, even though I’m late.

  18. The breads look good. I bake a potato bread. It is a yeast bread. The kids love it.

  19. I’m a day late, but hopefully late is better than never! 😉 I was in no shape to be on the computer, let alone sitting up last night! Thank you for explaining the types of bread for us! I have been wondering about that last one! 😉 I hope to try out that soda bread recipe soon! Thanks!

  20. Well, darn! Who knew?? 🙂 We always have corned beef, cabbage, potatoes and soda bread. It’s been a tradition in our family forever! We decorate the table with green and wear green too. We obviously ARE NOT Irish! They say you learn something new everyday, and I sure did!

    Hope your St. Patrick’s day was grand…….

    Warm regards,

  21. WoW! What fun!

    I love Irish Soda bread! Too bad I’m the only one in my family who does 🙁

    Every year we make a yummy corned beef & cabbage dinner.

    Our Girl Scout troop help the local Rotary Club the a St. Patrick’s Day dinner/fundraiser 🙂

  22. Hmmm, I thought I commented but I must have posted it somewhere else. I get lost sometimes…nothing to worry about though. Thanks for hosting this. I enjoyed visiting everyone 🙂

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