Water drops and a colourful walk

Today I spotted lots of water drops on the kids playframe in the back garden and thought they might make an interesting photo for Project 365.

The weather brightened up so I walked to pick up my son from Nursery School.

He was not too impressed at the prospect of the walk home, so we had an impromptu photo treasure hunt on the way. Using my point and shoot camera (nearly always in my pocket) I let him snap pics from our journey, seeing how many colours we could find.

We found
green grass
red car
blue and yellow lorry
orange traffic cones
black shadows
orange and red berries
pink blossoms
purple sticker

I plan to make a layout of the walk home, so you will have to wait until then to see his photos!

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  1. What a great idea. For some reason I can’t find her little camera anywhere. Its here somewhere don’t get me wrong. I just can’t put my hands on it.

  2. Scrapping the colors you found is a great idea. I like these waterdrops set against the green background. Very striking.

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