On the 4th day of December….a christmas mantlepiece

Today I want to share my decorated mantle piece. In the past I have usually decorated it with a garland and cream chunky candles.

This year I bought the gold letters spelling NOEL, and as I did not wanted them to be hidden by the garland we have had a change this year.

I have gathered together any little gold trees and we hung the kids stockings up too.

Another new addition is this wee fireplace (with a tea light candle behind it – but shhhh..my 4 year old does not know about that bit yet!) which had 5 hooks. I bought the mini stockings for the family, then saw another stocking with the name of our cat (George!) so it had to be purchased too.

Do you have a fireplace? How do you decorate your mantle piece?

The fire is not real, but a gas fire, which we don’t light often, but it will definitely be lit on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. In our last house we had an open fire (we used coal, logs or peat) and I don’t miss the dirt and dust, but I do miss the crackling sound and the smell of a real fire – nothing beats it!

Today’s digital scrapbooking item to share is another card for J M Digital Designs. The family gave permission to share the card on my blog, so here you are!

Leave a comment if you can, and come back for even more Christmas stuff tomorrow.
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  1. Thank you following my blog! Your stuff is beautiful, and I am starting to get jealous of everyone’s blogs with these beautiful crafts (LOL). I just don’t have that kind of talent. Mine stays in knitting beautiful things and a little scrapbooking!

  2. I love it!! I don’t have a fire place here in Florida, but we have one of those fake electric bot belly stove heaters that look like there is fire. But I sure do miss a nice fireplace to hang stockings.

  3. Your mantel looks fabulous! Now I’m going to have to go home and decorate our house. We managed to pull the boxes of decorations out of the attic last night, but didn’t get around to getting anything out. We also have a gas fireplace, but the only decorating I do there is hanging the stockings.

  4. Ohhh LOVING the mantle! And yes, I have a mantle too, pretty similar fireplace and all, only ours is non functioning, and has a brown wood top. I burn candles in it though and it gives a good illusion.

    I promise to post photos in a day or two, but for the show and tell tomorrow I’m reserving for a special gift I just received from a friend, she made it.

    I’m TRYING to keep up to you JM, haha, you’re wearing me down. I’ll have to take vitamins to keep up.


  5. No, we don’t have a mantel/fireplace, wish I did! We live in Florida and it’s mostly hot year around so wouldn’t get much use from one. I would love to decorate a mantle with the seasons!
    The simplicity of your Christmas mantle decor is lovely.


  6. I miss a mantel. Love the big gold NOEL, stockings, wire trees, and tiny fire place (with super cool stockings:)!

  7. We do not have much need for a fireplace in Florida, but I am looking forward to Christmas in front of the fire. My in-laws in Cork always have turf on hand and ready for when my husband comes to visit.

    I love the “wee fireplace” with a stocking for George. Too cute!

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