The fields and castle of Athenry

Ok, this post is not actually about the fields, and mostly about the castle of Athenry, but it is hard for the song The Fields of Athenry not to pop into your mind while you drive around the town and area.

The castle is a glorious medieval castle, simply restored, that has been preserved since it was lived in in the 16th century.

My six year old prefered to call it the Evil Castle instead of the Medieval Castle!

A group photo of the kids!

And a few photos from inside

More from our house swap adventure in Galway soon.

Do you have a favourite castle or historic site you’ve loved to visit? Let me know where it is, and what you love about it?


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  1. I was up in the battlements when there was nothing but death to keep you alive, 1975. There was a ladder that we climbed and the door must have been open. There was a big pile of sand on the left outside the gate and you could hop in easily. I do remember being terrified on top of the castle, with no roof and the ground a long way off, good name from you 6 year old!! 

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