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Some quick lessons for this week

1.  Any clothes I buy recently seem to have a green, turquoise or floral theme, or occasionally all 3!  As part of my jewelery course I had to create an item inspired by a piece of fabric – I came up with this necklace and bracelet, which seems to co-ordinate with lots in my wardrobe!

2. Still love my bathroom and this week our downstairs cloakroom is getting the same treatment!  Photos coming soon I hope 🙂

3. When you son “helps” his Dad to varnish the garden bench, it would be a good idea to try to remove the varnish from the child sooner rather than later.  If not, your child with still look flithy days later, no matter how hard you try to un-varnish him!

4. This week on Britains Got Talent the gymnastic group Spelbound were amazing

5. I learned that it costs £49 PER CHILD to renew their passports! (That’s $75 dollars each!) – unfortunately all needed to be renewed before this summer.

5. As promised in the title, here are some more recent creations, coming to an online store (!) near you soon!

Summer Brights – Necklace, bracelet and ear-rings

– Free Shipping to anywhere in the world – use code bloggyfriend before 31 May 2010 – so now is the perfect chance to treat yourself or buy a gift for someone else. 

Don’t see anything you like in my current stock? You can request a custom order in the style and colors of your choice.

For more lessons learned visit From Inmates to Playdates where Julie learned some lessons at the gym this week.

So, back to my first lesson, and the colors I am loving this season, what colors (colours – yes, UK friends, I can still spell!) are you being drawn to this summer? (or winter for those in Oz?). 

You know the drill – please share…..I love your comments and try to reply/visit your blog if I can.

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  1. Love all the colors…especially red blue and yellow theme (o:
    I can just imagine your son with varnish on him
    I went to see the kitchen redo and really liked it
    good luck with the passports

  2. Oh I love the turquoise and green (I’m a big fan of anything green).

    The same thing goes for paint, get the paint off the kids asap and my old neighbour found out the hard way that it isn’t a good idea to leave the dregs of a tin of paint in the back garden to dry out if there happens to be a mop and a grandson nearby. Yep, mopped the patio with gloss paint:)

    And eeeep for the passport fee, I hadn’t realised it had gone up so much!!!

  3. I love your jewelry. I don’t wear much myself, but I may have to rethink that. Carla

  4. Your jewelry is beautiful as always, JanMary!

    It cost almost $90 for a passport here and now we need one (or some type of “extended” license) to get into Canada. UGH.

  5. Well, since you asked. I do not like the current fad of geometric shapes in clothes or the turquoise and brown combos. I tend to buy classic styles that last for years. I do like those little beads you used in these two sets. My favorite is the second one because the colors are more my favorites. Jewel tones, that’s me.
    Mama Bear

  6. You’ve been busy creating lovely pieces!!
    YUP- passport fees are ugly –
    hope the weather by you is pleasant by now –
    can’t wait!!

  7. You amaze me – haha, it will be a bad thing when we get together and lets NOT clue our husbands in about this for they will know that there is going to be a whole lot of creating going on…

    Don’t you love how creativity, sense of design, colour flow from one project to another?

    Passports are very expensive. Not much of an incentive to get people to travel. Ah well, I know its worth it.

    The colourful set looks like a summer party!

    Thanks for sharing once again.

    Love, Barb

  8. These are so pretty! I am sure this take a lot of patience as you put them together. Much better than I could ever do!

  9. Stopping in from Sits sharefest… since you were post number one I had to stop! lovely jewelry! I am laughing b/c a familiar blog friend posted above me! small world! =) Happy Weekend to ya!

    Jenn ~

  10. Ohhh, I love the green and turqoise jewelry. You are very talented. I love all colors and I especially love pink!

  11. I also like the turquoise and green. So fresh.

    And about your comment… it was there. It just comes to me first for approval (though I don’t think the blog says that anywhere). Maybe the script is used by optometrists only. It is a curious thing.

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