The Bride Wore Black! My first time photographing a wedding.

So I was invited to photograph my first wedding yesterday.

It was a bit stressful, but also lots of fun, and great to be part of Paula and Jimmy’s day.

It was quite unconventional and informal, from the music choices to having no seating plan or order of service and it all helped to create the relaxed atmosphere for such a lovely celebration – just how Paula wanted it!

In addition to the wedding ceremony, all 4 of their kids were baptised as part of the service.

So here are just a few of the photos I took.

The Bride arriving
The flower girl twins
During the service

Saying their vows

The Blessing – their hands held together by our minister.
The happy couple once the formalities were over.

And outside the church
The cutest flower girls

Paula was happy for me to share them on the blog. Thanks Paula and Jimmy for letting me be part of your day – it was wonderful.

Do you have a fave pic?

Would you like to see more? (because, as you can imagine, there are lots more!!!)

Be sure to let me know.

I will be back soon with some NEW digital scrapbooking layouts.

Until then take care, and comment!

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  1. Yes, would love to see more! You did SO great – would never have guessed that was your first wedding! Beautiful bride – it really comes across in the photos how relaxed she and everyone is. I love the black dress as well, she is stunning in it.

  2. please,
    share more photos
    you did a great job for the first time –
    you make it look so easy!!
    Can’t wait to see more

  3. Of course I would love to see more. Cool to hear how informal it was. Sometimes those are the most meaningful and special :o)

  4. I’m intrigued by the angling of the subjects. Interesting. Your pictures are really good. Thanks for sharing, would love to see more, especially of the ceremony.

  5. The pix are absolutely lovely! I’d say there are many more wedding jobs in your future.

  6. Looks like you did a wonderful job! They look so happy! I love unconventional weddings – I think they’re the most fun.

    (BTW – to answer your question, in our state, the kids need to be 16 before getting their permit and then they must wait a certain length of time before actually getting their license.

  7. JM – you are SO PREDICTABLE – haha that is the HUGEST compliment for I’m meaning predictable in the way we can always expect EXCELLENCE from you in regards to your photography. You have a special gift for capturing the very essence of anything you decide too. I don’t think the wedding could have been more lovely had we all been able to attend along with you.

    One day – its my dream, to be snapping along side with you.

    Thanks for your faithfulness to blog – whenever I get a few moments in my day its a great comfort and joy to me to know I can come escape into your world for a while. Its a very, very nice place to be.

    With love – across the miles,

  8. you did a perfect job and I´m sure the couple is very proud of those wonderful pictures!!!!

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