Lessons learned and creativity shared

Have a thumping headache, so this will be a short(ish) post!

First some items to share:

Two Digital Scrap Layouts featuring a certainly little red-headed boy who turned 5 last week. He told me it was his “BEST birthday ever”.

Two recently commissioned items I made for janmary designs.(Not much for sale in the Etsy store just now, but my OWN STORE opening soon and I am working on lots of new items!)

A toggle bracelet in purples/reds/black.

A bungee stretch bracelet with black and striped black cane beads

Orders welcome (hint, hint!)

So on to lessons learned

1. Having a headache is NOT fun (but we all knew that already)

2. Photographing a wedding is fun, stressful and a privilege.

3. Black was the PERFECT colour (color) for the bride.

Especially when worn with these killer purple shoes.

4. Autumn leaves are incredibly beautiful.

5. My final lesson this week is that lessons seem harder to remember this week! So that is your lot for now.

As requested, more wedding photos to follow.

Not sure if there will be What I Learned This Week over at Jo-Lynne’s blog, but visit her anyway, because she is just lovely!

13 thoughts on “Lessons learned and creativity shared”

  1. You’re right, the bride really did look lovely in black and especially with those shoes.

    The wee man looks all of a sudden very grown up in the first layout with the tousled hair and that wee look:)

    The jewellery is beautiful, I can’t wait to see your very own shop once its up and running.

  2. Fall leaves certainly are beautiful! Lessons learned sure are hard to remember some weeks. I totally forgot that tomorrow is Tuesday and need to get my post together tonight!

  3. hi janmary!! i missed commenting on your last post. but i have been meaning to tell you that your wedding photographs were brilliant! really beautiful photos! i was surprised that the bride wore black but she was gorgeous with it.
    oh and those new creations of your are beautiful too!! love the purple and orange-terracotta (did i get it right?) combination! good luck on your own store!! looking forward to seeing that soon. you take care always!!

  4. Caution Flag

    Oh, I LOVE that bungee bracelet! Love it!! You are certainly a talented lady. I’ve never done digital scrapbooking, but you make it look easy 🙂 Hope the headache is gone.

  5. Fantastic photos Jan!! Those purple shoes are crazy cool!! I would never. I think. 😉

    Blessings to you!

  6. bentonflocke

    hope your headache is better now and you are feeling better!

    Beautiful shot of the autumn leaves and great pages of your 5 year old boy!!

    Fantastic shots from the wedding – love your special perspective

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