On the 14th of December … a red, white and blurry Christmas!

A facebook friend commented on my daily Christmas blogging saying she didn’t quite know what I was going to blog about next day … And the truth is I usually don’t quite know either.

If you base tour opinion of my Christmas decor on my home tour post you might think it was all about gold and cream. In fact a bloggy friend described it as sophisticated with a touch of whimsy – not so sure about that! (Warning – her blog may not be appropriate if you are of a delicate disposition!)

I love a bargain and many of these were pick up in the sales for just a couple of pounds – I just need to remember to where I stashed them!

So here you go – my red and White Christmas. For the blurry bit – read on!

Some of the photos have my fave technique of a blurry background which I discovered a few years ago was called bokeh. I have received a few questions on how to do this and found this great article which will explain it much better than I do.

That same blog had a bokeh link up so if you like this style of photography feast your eyes on this Holiday Bokeh Party.

If you feel inspired to try this, please share your pics with me.

See you tomorrow

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  1. Ooooh lala, thanks so much for sharing the article on Bokeh, I am going to print it out and try it over the holidays. Sorry I won’t be joining your lil bokeh party tomorrow but I have not decorated. Nope, not one tiny smidge, can you believe it? No little kids here. So, waiting till I get to my MIL’s where its Christmas deco Central! My next several days are chronicled almost to the minute with tasks that I would not be able to FOCUS (pun intended) on how to run my camera this way. So sorry for begging you to tell me HOW and then on the other hand not being able to show you what a great learner I am… perhaps in January you might extend another challenge? (grovel grovel)

    I’m like you, I can’t tell what each day will bring to blog!


  2. wow!! surprised your card got there so fast!! I am glad –
    i am loving bokeh too – christmas lights make it so easy –
    ok – so share the secret –
    what kind of camera are you asking “santa” for? Fill me in
    it’s freezing here – 26 degrees here this morning –
    for us floridians thats freezing!!!

  3. When I first saw one of those tall, skinny Santas (I think it was an ornament, or it may have been some table decor – I can’t remember), I do recall thinking “WTH? Where’s all the chub?”

    But now I absolutely LOVE them!

  4. Lovely ornaments. I love Christmas decorations and especially in red, gold and silver. I’m a complete OTT freak when it comes to Christmas!

    CJ xx

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