On the 20th December …. a christmas carol or two

One of the lovliest parts of Christmas is the christmas music, especially carols.

Yesterday we had both the kids carol service, and the evening carol service which was the traditional nine lessons and carols by candlelight, with the Christmas story of Jesus’ birth told through bible readings and song. There is such a lovely warmth (despite the snow and ice outside!) to the service, and afterwards we enjoy Christmas cake, shortbread and mince pies in the hall.

One of my most memorable carol services was the year we lived in Bristol and attended their communion carol service at midnight on Christmas Eve. I have a lovely photo of it, but it is illuding me right now, if I find it, I’ll add it to the post.

My favourite carol? I have many, but probably my first choice would be Silent Night.

A few years ago, while on holiday in Paris, we visited a little shop which only sold music boxes.  We chose one which played Silent Night, and I don’t believe I have shared it online before.

What is your favourite carol?

My daughters both go to piano lessons, and are enjoying learning new carols each year.  They have visions of playing carols on the piano as we open our presents on Christmas morning, but I doubt that will ever happen … the presents are too exciting to wait.

My earliest carol I remember singing was “O Little Town of Bethleham” at our Primary School Carol service, where 4 or 5 of us got to sing verse 2 on our own!  I also love to sing those traditional carols which have an alternative soprano line in the last chorus, such as “O Come, All ye Faithful” and “Hark the Herald Angel Sing”

What about you? Do you have a favourite?

Today was a bit of an upside down day – I have 1 kid well, but her school was closed, I had 1 sick kid, but her school was open, and just one child who was well and who got to school!  Many schools have now just stopped early for Christmas.  Here we don’t have the same “snow days” where the extra days are added on at the end of the year.

There is no sign of a thaw, the roads are horrible to drive on, so I am planning to stay at home as much as possible this week. We might even have a white christmas – are rare thing in Northern Ireland

Finally, as we are well past the middle of December, and so far I am managing the daily Christmas blogging, are there any topic you would like me to cover? Any questions about our Christmas celebrations? Ask away….I’ll try to answer.

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  1. I absolutely adore Silent Night. It’s one of my favorite carols ever and I think it’s also one of the hardest to sing. So I do everyone a favor and I don’t sing it out loud. It sounds much better in my head anyway.

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