On the 19th day of December…..Ho, Ho, Ho!

Daily December blogging continues, please join me up to Christmas Eve as we celebrate the birth of Jesus, our Saviour.

Last night we took our 3 kids to visit Santa at a local garden centre. The “winter wonderland” is created by volunteers by a local children’s charity, and all profits go to the charity. It is on quite a small scale, but there are no mad queues and our kids enjoyed it. There were lots of individual christmas scenes, and a quiz for the kids to complete as they went round.

Here are a few pics from last night.

Our trip last night brought back some memories of previous encounters with the man in the big red suit, some happier than others!

When you think about it, we tell children to be wary of strangers, not to accept gifts from people they don’t know….then an stranger appears, and we encourage them to sit on his knee, chat to him, and take a present! Little wonder sometimes they are scared……I promise sometimes they do actually enjoy visiting him!

The kids finished school today, so after tonight’s birthday party for my eldest, I am looking forward to a few quiet days in the run up to Christmas. Just one more carol service (at our own church) and one more Christmas meal out.
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  1. What a great shot of your three together (with the bear), LOVE the screaming baby! Just love it!

  2. Love those photos! My nieces are 2 that will not have nothing to do with Santa lol Looks like your kids had a wonderful time.
    I havent comment each day but I have followed your posting and loved learning about your holiday traitions!

  3. ROTF at that first Santa picture! You know, I don’t think I have any photos like that of my kids. I think the most they did was look petrified occasionally, but usually they were too busy reciting their mile long Christmas lists.

  4. Gorgeous photos…love the one with santa oh poor baby..we just had my girls photo taken with santa and there were so many little ones crying on his lap :0( but my girls were happy to see him :0)

  5. These are great Santa pictures! (I have one with my youngest crying on Santa’s lap while her sister just grins like crazy) 😉

  6. Lovely pictures, my friend. And precious babes! Sounds like so much fun. Enjoy your quiet days leading up to CHRISTmas! We’ve been in the house for nearly 3 days straight due to snow. It’s been snow much fun… heeheehee. 🙂

    Tiffany in Washington…for now.

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