An Ikea Christmas on the Second Day of December – cookie cutters!

Yesterday was my appointed “Ikea” day. Just like Beach Cottage I love to go for a wander around (by myself!) near Christmas, and perhaps be inspired, or pick up a few bits and pieces. I also had a couple of gifts to buy, so that was an added justification!

My favourite purchase? Cookie cutters!

These cookie cutters have already been a huge hit, not even for making cookies, but just as toys….and I think they make quite cute decorations too!

I think these could look great on a wreath, or even just the Christmas tree. I don’t think I’ll get away without using them for making some Christmas biscuits too.

Ikea at Christmas of course means candles……

Ineveitabley a few storage boxes and some of these new blue ones for the kitchen baking cupboard.

I picked up a few swedish biscuits on the way out.  I was hoping they would have their shaped biscuits/cookies to use as decorations but they were out of stock (I MAY just have to go back to get some!)

Do you have the Ikea bug?  Maybe you have never been!

If you want to visit another blogger who is as obsessed keen on Ikea at Christmas, then visit the lovely Sarah, at The Beach Cottage, down under 🙂

Tomorrow I am going to a cupcake decorating class – happy days 🙂 I promise to share some photos, but I just might keep the cupcakes for me!

See you then,

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  1. I love ikea at Christmas usually I’ll get some of their wrapping paper- and I totally think those cookie cutters could be used as decoration – I’ve actually seen that on pinterest and I’m sure you have too! Jealous you are blogging every day in dec – I wish I could – maybe ill just post a pic a day?

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