Advent Calenders on the First Day of December

 Welcome to my annual attempt at December Daily Blogging – since starting WAY back in 2007, I have somehow managed to post daily on my blog for the month of December.

Why you ask? Not quite sure, except I love a challenge. Will this be the year I don’t manage it? We’ll see. If you stop by for a visit, take a moment to say “hi” if you can – it makes my day!!!

So – Day 1 – here goes!

It seems appropriate to start the month with Advent calendars.

Here are the ones I have purchased this year

First a “Jesus” one as my son would call it.

We try as a family to remember the “reason for the season”, and that it is more than presents and parties.

I bought this Christmas Stable one fromTraidcraft. Every day there is a bible verse which will help tell the Christmas story.

I have also bought the ebook Truth in the Tinsel by Oh Amanda, and I hope to make make as many of the crafts as possible which tie in with the Nativity Story. Are you joining in? Already there are 2700 who are! I’ll let you know how it goes….

However, our kids also love the chocolate, so we have bought them the usual ones – this year Ben 10 is still popular, and the others have chosen Cadbury ones.

Today in Ikea I saw these Santas with wee cardboard drawers – they were down to half price and also buy one, get one free ….. but I resisted, and just took a photo with my iphone instead.

Confession – we still haven’t decorated the house for Christmas, so the rest of these photos are from previous years, as all other advents are still in boxes in the attic!

Looking forward to seeing them again!

Another “holy” one first

There are characters to fit in the slots daily to build the story of the Nativity.

Then a few Santa ones, I have had these for years.

And of course, the one that got away! I saw this over 2 years ago in Dekko and always regret not buying it!!! Now the shop has closed, so I will just have to resign myself to not having it :(, but I’ll just have another wee look at it first….

Do you have any Advent Calenders? Do you also have “one that got away”? (or am I just odd!)

Finally, I really want to share this video from the Advent Conspiracy

There is also a UK version, using UK figures, you can find it HERE

For more about the Advent Conspiracy, visit their website. Prepare to be challenged!

If you missed by Pinterest Advent post, check it out too.

I’d love it if you could come back tomorrow, for another Daily December post.


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  1. the stable advent calendar, i think I had it when I was little, but I don’t remember what it was called and can’t find it anywhere, could u suggest anywhere to get it or remember what it was called?

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