Christmas Past

On the 2nd day of December I reminisce

I was looking through some old photo albums and thought today I would share some images from Christmases past.

Although I was born in the sixties, I did not manage to find a Christmas photo from those first couple of years, but I have selected a photo from each decade, starting in the Seventies.


This was our first Christmas in this house, 1972.  I remember helping Mum to stick the cottonwool Santa on the glass door into the living room.  I also remember that dress I was wearing, with it’s green velvet skirt.  The carpet was chocolate brown shag pile carpet and we had a rake for it!


My parents both came from large families and we had lots of aunts, uncles and cousins. Usually on Christmas Day we would visit my Mum’s family and this picture is of us kids in the kitchen eating our Christmas Dinner.

Then my parents woukd have a huge party, or “gathering” for my Dad’s side of the family a few days later. Between adults and kids there would be over 40.


In the ninties I was married and by 1997 we had our first child, who came home from hospital on Christmas Eve.

This photo was taken Christmas 1998.

00’s (just doesn’t look right, does it?!)

By now we had 2 daugters, and here they are with my Mum, at the age when they would wear Santa hats without the need for much bribery.

And to keep you up to date, here is our completed family, with photos from last Christmas.

So, do you have any memories of Christmas past? Would love you to share.
Come back tomorrow for more Christmas ramblings.

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  1. I enjoyed this. We like to wear the santa hats. I have a photo of Honey Bear and me wearing them. We wore them one year and volunteered with the Salvation Army to right the bell inside the mall in Chattanooga, Tennessee. That was fun. I have a photo of Wonder Boy and I think one of the Princess but not on the computer and my scanner doesn’t work without USB port which work so, alas, I’ll not be sharing those.
    Mama Bear

  2. I loved driving around to look at all the holiday lights in our neighborhood and this was before all the huge inflatables and fancy lights. Loved the pics of your christmas past – your daughter and you look so alike.

  3. what wonderful compilation of photos from the past!! i envy you for having them there with you and have time to reminisce. all my photos are back home…
    thank you for sharing!!

  4. Great post and what a wonderful idea!

    Alas I have no photos from my Christmas past but I’m making up for it now with my kids 🙂

  5. Fun! A rake for your carpet cracks me up.

    Two years ago, when Hope was just over a week old, I stuffed her in a stocking for her Christmas picture. It is one of my all time favorites.

  6. There were 8 of us children, and hardly any money. I remember one Christmas – all of us sleeping in one room. Our older brother took charge and when we tried to wake up too early he let us open ONE present then we had to go back to sleep for another hour.

    It was pretty hard times for us – I’m so thankful for my parents making it happen even at the toughest times.

    What I don’t miss – the alcohol which flowed much more freely through that season. It ‘dissolved’ a lot of the good away. It keeps me in heart for all the dysfunctional and poor families at this season. Still have scars.

    Lovely post – Your family memories are what I dreamed of when I was a kid. Thx for sharing!

    Love, Barb

  7. Oh I have an awful photo my mum took one Christmas morning, I think I’m 12 or 13 in the photo (it was after the perm incident of which we shall no longer speak) and you can just imagine what I look like in that photo.

    And before you ask, no you can’t!!

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