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16 December – Christmas Mince Pies

Do you love or loathe Christmas sweet mince pies?

christmas mince pies

I’m somewhere in the middle ….. I’m usually not a huge fan of baked items full of dried fruit – Christmas cake and Christmas pudding …..no thanks!

However the combination of a small amount of the sweet mincemeat and some lovely crumbly pastry (especially when warmed) I do enjoy, but not TOO much mince, so I prefer the mini mince pies – with a greater pastry to fruit ratio!

For those of you not familiar with Christmas mince pies there are a very traditional part of Christmas here, and made from minced sweet dried fruit and suet (animal fat – but vegetarian versions are available too), encased in flaky sweet short crust pastry.

Confession…….I rarely make my own mince pies, and don’t think I’ve ever made my own sweet mince. I have occasionally bought a jar of the filling and put it into my own pastry, but usually I just buy them!

So …. where do you stand on sweet mince pies…….love them? Loathe them? Never heard of them? Let me know!  What do you traditionally eat at Christmas in your house.

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