17 December – it’s a Christmas cracker!

Before blogging introduced me to others Christmas traditions around the world, I hadn’t really appreciated that Christmas crackers weren’t gracing everyone’s table on Christmas Day!


I think they have reached the shores of Canada and Australia and other Commonwealth countries, but if you are reading this from another corner of the world, do let me know if you buy crackers.

There are several requirements of a cracker

1. In theory they should go BANG but invariably there is a tiny pop
2. Traditionally there will be a paper hat (which is bound to tear of you try to wear it
3. There should also be a VERY BAD joke – the sort that make you groan at the punch line
4. Finally here will be a toy/gadget – a plastic ring, a corkscrew of dubious quality, a nail file ….. and no one ever gets anything they actually need!

On reading back over this list, it is a wonder that they still sell every year, but it’s traditional, so therefore there MUST be crackers on the table on Christmas Day!

When I am buying crackers I usually pick the ones which will match the napkins or candles on the table ….. can you tell I am going for a silver theme this year?!


I did have a look online for some ridiculously expensive crackers, to see what all that money gets you ……

In Fortnum and Masons in London you can get 6 Christmas crackers for only ……..£1000! Check them out so you can see what your money!

So there you have it – another day of Christmas blogging – this day next week will be Christmas Eve!

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  1. They are here in the USA too. I have seen them everywhere from the mall, pier 1 or world trade market to even the grocery stores. Prices vary.

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