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What I learned this week

I’ll get straight down to my lessons learned

  • ….we have had probably our coldest but driest beginning of April ever – sun shone every day (which doesn’t usually happen!), no April showers. LOTS of blue skies!

and stunning sunsets.

  •  ….wee spring lambs are very cute
  • ….when a new French restaurant (The French Rooms) opens in the village, prepare to be impressed. I will do a separate blog post about it, but the food was delicious. he building beautifully renovated, the staff friendly, and the little extra touches all added up to a wonderful evening.
  •   …..Navy! I seem to be addicted to buying/wearing navy – there is a whole lot of navy going on in my wardrobe right now! I recently purchased a navy blazer which I am very pleased with. I am however on the look out for some linen trousers – maybe not navy though!
  •  ….sometimes you are invited to an event, and you aren’t sure whether to go, but when it is BizCamp Belfast I am so glad I did. I was only able to stay for part of the day but I learned lots including – cloud accounting, pitching your story to the media, how I should be using MailChimp, and more! I also met some great people, and definitely made a few useful contacts for my jewellery business and blogging.
  • ….travelling over to Donegal by ferry (even if it is only a 15 minute trip) is worth experiencing, especially on a such a sunny day
  • …..when you are going over to meet blogging friends Elizabeth and B, it is even better. We met them for lunch, then walked around the city walls of Derry/Londonderry/Stroke City. Check out Elizabeth’s blog – she is a talented photographer, and they have just relocated from Florida to chilly Donegal, so it makes for a fascinating read too.
  •  …..trying to explain to your kids you are driving west and taking a ferry to getSouthern Ireland, to then drive a bit south back into Northern Ireland, then west again back into Southern  Ireland, to get to a restuarant to meet Elizabeth and B is confusing! At  various times during the day we were asked “so are we in Northern Ireland or Southern Ireland now?”

Think that is enough learning for this week.

For more lessons learned, visit Julie at From Inmates to Playdates – each week she prompts us to blog and share our lessons.

What have YOU learned this week?

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  1. Lol so true I get confused also about north south – east – west – where the border is- ahhhh things today have been difficult – had to call a company in the states 11 times today bc Vodafone kept dropping calls – then b sent vodaphone an email – and response back was it would take them 4 days to respond –
    Cell phone service is a bit different here then the states !
    It’s sunny today but chilly – oh I long for spring !

  2. Hi My Friend,

    Lovely photo/journey and blog post once again. It sets me up to come visit too some time.

    The french restaurant looks fabulous and I’m looking forward to that post too.

    Blessings on your week!
    ♥ Barb

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