20 little things I love about autumn {fall}

 Janmary Does Autumn / Fall in Northern Ireland

This is the first post in a series on Autumn. As I write more posts, I will link to them here in this post.

Inspired by The Inspired Room (appropriately enough) on this first day of October I want to share 20 things I love about this autumn season (with some photos from previous autumns shared on this blog)

1. Crisp bright mornings

2. Apple Crumble (I think you might call it Apple Crisp in the US)

3. Wearing my boots

4. Buying new scarf and gloves

5. The changing colour of the leaves in the park

6. My son’s birthday (he turns 8 next week)

7. Decorating the house with a few autumny-things

8. Breathing “smoke” with my son on the way to school on a chilly day

9. Collecting conkers in the park

10. Having our own “Nature Table” for leaves, seeds, berries and cones

11. Planting bulbs for spring – really must try to actually DO that this year.

12. Picking wild blackberries down the lane

13. Carving pumpkins

(although in my childhood we didn’t have them, so made do with carving turnips – yes – like trying to carve a brick!!!)

14. Listened to the stormy weather outside, while tucked up in bed

15. My electric blanket

16. The open fire at the cottage

17. Trick or Treating with the kids

18.Fall Fest Celebration at our church – free community event with lots of non-scary activities for the whole family

19. Crunching through the leaves

20. Pressing leaves with my son – then finding them several years later!

So there you have it …… my 20 things I love about autumn / fall.

What about you? Any you would add? Do share in the comments below EVEN if you never have commented before ….. you know who you are!!!

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  1. Oh how I love APPLE CRISP!!! I will admit I had some yesterday :-)! I’m so glad you are joining in the fun with a Fall series!!! Such a wonderful time of year!!

  2. Hi! My favorite on your list is #8 Breathing smoke with your son. That is so sweet ! Thanks for stopping by yesterday!
    PS. Ireland is my #1 dream vacation spot!

  3. It’s not very often I come across someone else who carved turnips when they were younger 😀

  4. Me too, me too! I love everything about fall. Funny… I was just reading with the kids about how we got the pumpkin carving tradition from Irish immigrants who brought the custom of carving turnips, and we were wondering how on earth one can carve a turnip. We decided that pumpkins must be much easier!

  5. Hi JM,

    I love the Sumac – I push myself outdoors to take pics EVERY year. I love bringing out my warmily clothes and not having to worry about my legs being shaved every day *snort*

    Thanks for sharing!
    ♥ Barb

  6. what a fantastic list! Autumn is my favorite season and I agree with many of your points in the list for example #2 #5 #8 #9 #17 #20

    And I love walking at the beach on a windy autumn day, looking at the waves… (and some day …. afterwards warming up in your cottage 😉 )

    and while I was writing here… everything went fine (the point we chatted about) so it seems you fixed it congrats and thanks JM

  7. Enjoyed your post. Picking wild blackberries takes me back to childhood at my grandma’s house . . . open fire at the cottage sounds heavenly . . . I get the planting bulbs for spring thing. Always intend to do it myself by never get around to it. What are conkers?

  8. Thanks for the visit. Conkers are also called horse chestnuts (they are in the 6th photo down in the post) – and as kids we would have conker competitions – tied them on strings and bashed them into eachother!

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