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My Giveaway Winner and St Patricks Day in Belfast

As I have a digital layout to share, I will start there. This is not my usual layout, with a photo, but was made for a friend. Her two brothers used to sing this song together, and one died recently of cancer (aged just 42) and her other brother sang it at his funeral. My friend wanted a copy of the words, and this is what I came up with.

Credits – Paper (Natural Neutrals), Flowers (Grandma’s Pressed Flowers) and Frame (Cherish) all by Weeds & Wildflowers Designs.

You can also listen to a little bit of the song being performed HERE and click on song 18.

So on to my Bloggy Giveaway Winner

Chosen by a Random Number Generator Carmen from Standing On Good Soil is the winner.

Thanks everyone for taking part, and I now know more about how St Patrick is celebrated around the world. A number of questions were raised, especially about the Northern Irish food/drink I mention, and I plan to blog more about that soon.

In my post I did mention I had NEVER been to a St Patrick’s Day parade, but I went to one in Belfast on Monday! Here are a few of the photos I took, to give you a flavour of the day, however it was not on the scale of some other celebrations in Dublin and in America.

There were a few images of St Patrick in the parade
and of course some of the “Black Stuff” (Guinness)

Some Leprechauns needed some help to see over the crowd

I plan to share some of my kids easter craft creations tomorrow, here on the blog.

Hope you can join me.

Take Care


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  1. Great photos! I feel like we’ve twisted your arm to going to that parade. But aren’t you glad you did? Have a lovely day.

  2. Oh, I loved seeing your photos! Looks like a fun parade. BUT, what is that Disney store doing in the background!? I know my picture of Belfast is not exactly accurate, but I never pictured that!

  3. Lovely layout of the words to that song, for your friend. What a wonderful gift that will be for her. Love your parade photo!!

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