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Easter Greetings from Giants Causeway and Toddler Craft

This is going to be a shorter post than usual, as I am in a lovely pub, beside an open fire, but don’t have a plug nearby for my laptop, so we are running on battery power.

This pub, The Bushmills Inn, is a lovely old 16/17th century coaching inn, full of old local artifacts but right now the loveliest part of all is the smell of the turf (or peat) burning in the original fireplace. It is a smell you either love or hate, but as it is so wild and windy outside, it is the perfect place to be. If you check their website, and their Gallery, the fire can be seen at the bottom of the first page of images (just in case you are REALLY interested!). You can also see some more info on The Giants Causeway, where I plan to go for a blowy windswept walk after I finish this blog post.

I had planned to share some toddler/pre-school Easter craft, but due to time and batter restraints, I will just post a few photos – it is quite self explanatory, but I particularly like the last one , which is a chicken/egg in the egg-cup. So what came first ….the chicken or the egg?!! However, you will have to use your imagination, as I forgot to take a photo of the chicken side – there is a brad attaching the egg-cup to the back portion, which can be flipped round between the chicken and the egg.

So, I need to ask a vital question of you, my bloggy readers – this is a Cadbury’s Cream Egg (in a “tree”)

So do you have Cadburys chocolate in your part of the world (if you are outside the UK) and more importantly do you have Cream Eggs?

I hope you are all enjoying your Easter, and are able to reflect on the true celebration behind the cute bunnies and mountains on chocolate. It is easy to miss the point of it all, especially with children around, who’s main priority seems to be demolishing as much chocolate in as short a time as possible.

Take care until my next post.

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  1. Hello JanMary,
    I sent an email but thought I would copy it here just in case…

    I would love to come north, but I think I am
    running out of time. I’ll be here another week; I
    haven’t firm plans for Thursday and Friday yet,
    beyond going to Galway to an equestrian museum. I
    also want to go to the National Stud.
    I do hope to return though; maybe we could stay
    in touch?
    I took a quick peek at your blog-lovely! I’ll
    have to do a more indepth look when I get home.
    nice to hear from you!

  2. Yes, we have them in CANADA as well. I’m not particularly fond of them … however I did find a recipe to make them from scratch.

    I’ve posted it on my blog.

    Hope you pop by soon.

  3. Ireland…wow….coming today to you from weedsandwildflowers…love your blog and to be sitting now in front of a fireplace in a pub sounds just lovely … it is cold here in Boston…have a great weekend!!

  4. I’m so happy to say that in Georgia we have the array of Cadbury eggs…cream, orange cream, and caramel. My DH loves the orange cream and I and the girls love the caramel.

    The pub is so quaint and beautiful! The art is so cute!

    Happy Easter! 🙂

  5. That sounds like the perfect pub to me! If your weather is anything like ours at the moment your walk will be cold and extremely windswept!!

  6. I love Cadbury eggs, especially the creme ones that look like an egg yolk. My husband, when we were dating 19 years ago, would bring me one creme Cadbury egg everytime he came to see me. I just loved them and him! So you see, they have a romantic link for me.

  7. Happy belated Easter. There’s a card for you on my blog. It’s the 2nd most recent post. Abundant blessings to you!

  8. Hello!
    I’m in Pennsylvania, USA, and we have Cadbury creme eggs. They are really good. Come to think of it…I didn’t eat any this Easter. Maybe I can get some on extra after Easter discount.

    Love the pictures!

  9. Hi JanMary –

    I was away over Easter so have not come to visit. I am now as stuffed as the turkey was on Sunday… LOL! My MIL is a fantastic cook and thats how she shows us love… I think she ‘loved’ 5 lbs onto me.

    We DO have Cadbury’s here, but you know, I was just watching a show over the weekend on TV (yes, fill up on that too when we go to Moms as we only have 3 channels at home) and there was a documentary on the Knowledge Network of a Canadian who’s mom was Irish and he went back to find his ‘roots’… he told us that the Chocolate – even Cadbury’s is different in UK and Britian than over here – yours is much BETTER… same company, different chocolate, go figure! Have you some type of a bar called Marshalls or something like that?

    Now I’m curious to compare. And, I learned you have a tea called Barry’s? It sounded like THE tea to have where you are… true?

    I will have a ‘deeper delve’ into your blog when I catch my breath.

    Thx for sharing all your Irish Celebrations with us, and I’m glad your battery ran out and you got to merely relax and enjoy. We will be waiting here for you.

  10. Hi Jan Mary!
    I hope to visiit N. Irelnad in May! My husband has a business apointment in Dublin so we might take the train/bus. I’d really like to see the Giants Causeway and Bushmills. Love all your pictures!


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