First pages of Project 365 Album 2009

My poor blog is being neglected because of my Project 365. I am wondering if I would be better posting my daily pics here instead. Any thoughts?

If you want to catch up on my daily photos, visit HERE.

I have started making my weekly layouts of my photos, using Gina Marie Huff’s kit at Weeds & Wildflowers called Life 365 (The Tool Box Collection). I actually won this kit last weekend on the Weeds blog, so I no longer had an excuse not to digi-scrap the photos to date.

My plan is to create a photo book of the year 2009, and now I have committed myself to this on my blog, to you as my bloggy witnesses I might even manage to see this through! I want my weeks to run Sunday to Saturday, so my first page of the year has only 3 pics.

My next 2 pages complete the first full week, and currently look like this :-

I say “currently” as they have already undergone significant changes as I dither about how I want my book to end up. I suppose as long as each double page matches, and I consistently use the same kit, I will get there in the end!

If you too are taking part in Project 365 and sharing your pics in a blog, and I don’t have your blog in my Project 365 blog roll please give me a shout and I will add you.

I made a new photography purchase…if you want to find out what it is, visit HERE.

On to other happenings, and it is a time for decisions here in our house.

Having survived the bitter cold on her outward bound school trip, we took our eldest daughter to visit some local schools. She will soon have to select her choices, depending on her Transfer Test results and it is the season for Open Days. The schools all put on a great show with interesting hands-on experiments and demonstrations. We were given tours by current pupils. Unfortunately our daughter was so tired from her school trip that it all seemed quite over-whelming, but she came away with positive feelings about the schools we have seen so far.

Our Disneyland Resort Paris trip is fast approaching, and having been advised about how much colder it might be than here in Ireland, I have been shopping for thermals and the like for the whole family.

Until my next post, take care.

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  1. I think you are off to a great start for your 365 project!! Good luck with keeping up the blog too, it just seems to get away from you from time to time!!

  2. I have a photoblog that is a Project365 in a way because I put one photo up every single day but I do it in aminus3.com. The layout is nice and it’s like a blog too.

    The photos are displayed in a bigger size so readers and you, can appreciate it more.

    Grace @ Sandier Pastures

  3. The pages look lovely, I think the book will be beautiful when its finished.

    We’re off an open night tomorrow as well.

  4. JanMary,

    this is a HUGE undertaking. The IDEA of it appealed to me, but I thought I can barely brush my teeth 365 LOL. I’m so glad YOU did tho, I can come and enjoy your efforts!

    I think, personally putting your photos on your blog would cut down on your work and I’d be more apt to see them. (I’m bad!)

    That looks like a nice little purchase – i agree, having something small like that which you might not be afraid so much to get damaged, will likely help you catch those special moments.

    I am praying for your daughter to make a wise decision with the schools. Too bad about the timing of the tour, though.

    Happy shopping for warm underthings, and I’m getting very excited for your trip!

    Thank you for another wonderful, interesting post.

    Love, Barb

  5. those are some pretty wonderful pages! What a beautiful book you’re going to have at the end of this project – I’m jealous.

  6. great pages you have made! It will be a wonderful book at the end of the year!

    Good luck for your project!

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