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Lessons Learned and a peak at the madeover bathroom

  • The bathroom is not quite finished, but from this angle it looks like it is!

Here you go ….

I love it, and the bath is so deep and comfortable.

Here is what it USED to look like – just 2 weeks ago!We have lived with this Room of Doom/Gloom for 11 years, so it was finally time to say goodbye……

When the final bits and pieces (electric shower, mirror, lights, fan etc) are completed I will do whole post with before, during and after photos – promise!

  • Who knew an Icelandic volcano could cause so much chaos. One of my brother’s is still stuck in New York. Fortunately my parents got away on their trip to Luxembourg and Belgium before the flights were effected. They have another week before they are due home, and must maybe everything will be back to normal by then – but not sure. Do you know anyone who is being affected by the chaos?
  • Visit to the vets can be painful – and not just for the cat………. for the credit card too! George, the OTHER redhead in our family(!) was up to his usual mischief having “encountered” another cat on Friday afternoon. He then, as is his habit after a fight, disappeared for 6 hours, finally coming home at 10pm.

No obvious wounds, but still looking uncomfortable the next morning, so we headed to the vets. Two injections later he looked more than offended, and for once gladly lept back into his cat basket to come back home.  Fortunately no significant problems found THIS time, but only a few weeks ago we saw him chasing away a fox at the cottage!

Here he is this afternoon, looking like the cat who has just had the cream!

  • Sometimes missed opportunities unsettle me, and I have had a few this past week. One was a crafters business course, but it is running over the summer months, and I need one that is on during term time while the kids are at school.

The other was the chance to have my jewellery business www.janmarydesigns.com be featured in a glossy UK woman’s magazine – but that is not now happening either!  However, I feel a real peace about both this opportunities not working out, that the timing was not right for our family, and I know that in God’s timing the right opportunities will be there.
How do you feel when things you hope to happen don’t work out?

  • Kids love to garden, and the more muck the better!

My husband and son did some planting this weekend – sunflowers and sweet pea.

My 5 year old was so excited, and checks daily for progress. Hoping they grow, and I will be sure to share if they do!

  • I have had a few custom orders recently for www.janmarydesigns.com – a necklace and bracelet for a wedding outfit

I love the chance to create unique and bespoke items to match a customer’s request, and it is such a satisfying and rewarding aspect of creating jewelery for others.

  • As another part of janmary designs I recently made this digital scrapbooking page for a family who were given a paper-scrapbooking album to record their granddaughter’s progress and they have chosen to continue the book with digital pages. This is the 4th page in a series I have made for them.

That is my lessons for this week. What have you learned?

For other lessons learned, visit From Inmates to Playmates.

Watch out for a new blog header coming soon – now that I have committed to it here on the blog, the theory is that I will be more likely to do it …. well that’s the theory!!!

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  1. Beautiful jewelry designs – and your bathroom looks like a high-end spa! Wonderful!!

    I admire your faith & trust in God’s timing… I am struggling to do relax & trust God’s timing now, so it’s always inspiring to hear when others are able to…

  2. hi janmary!!
    those necklace and bracelet set is really fantastic! i love balck and white combo!! great work!

    regarding the volcanic eruption…i have a friend here who cannot fly home (to bangkok) she and 2 kids were suppose to fly home last friday…now as per the airlines schedule, the soonest booking they can get is on friday…. tentatively. i guess they are still lucky to be staying with us… i see lots of passengers stuck in the airport.

    thanks for sharing…

  3. wow the necklace and bracelet are looking fantastic. I know someone, too that can´t fly in fact of the vulcanic erruption … sad it´s not me… so I would be able to stay longer in Paris… but my plane started days before the erruption.. ;-))

  4. I love your jewelry! It seems as though you have a lot going on this week. I guess my biggest lesson I have learned lately is that there are many things beyond my control, but my Lord is in control of them all. Carla

  5. Hi, I saw you over at Grammygirlfriend and just wanted to visit. Love your jewelry and the bathroom looks great. Glad to get to visit with you (o:

  6. Oh I’m just noticing that your old bath is the same as my current one. How many times have you almost fallen in trying to clean the far side, cause I’ve lost count:)

    The bracelet and necklace are absolutely gorgeous, I’m sure the customer was over the moon with them.

    And the mags and features will when they come. I might have been in Chat back in October, but me being me I forgot to actually buy a copy.

  7. OMG, I absolutely love that tile work, JM! Why didn’t I think of doing something like that on our remodel? **smacking myself**

  8. Love your bathroom makeover–really like the way you did the tile. Your jewelry is beautiful, too. Sorry the magazine opportunity didn’t work out. I think you have a great attitude about it, though.

  9. Your jewelry is gorgeous! You are very talented.

    I completely agree with your sentiment that God has a plan. Sometimes we fail to remember that, but He is always faithful and I’m sure another window will open up for you soon.

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