Making Memories in Summer 2013 …. “best day EVER!”

Today we had plans to head out to Glenariff Glen, one of the 7 Glens of Antrim, to visit the waterfall, and probably take a photo or two LOTS of photos.

However the rain, hail, thunder and lightning persuaded us otherwise!

Instead we stayed home, and the kids asked if we could build a fort………..and why not?!!

We had great fun constructing the fort (or den – my husband thinks it is a den, not a fort!) – we used 2 sofas, an airing rack, two brushes (to hold up the “roof”) a mattress, lots of pillows, blankets and duvets,some gaffer tape, 4 kitchen chairs several soft toys and topped it all off with a patchwork quilt!

Of course we had to take a photo and I won’t tell you exactly how many it took to get one deemed suitable by all involved to be shared, but we got there …… eventually.

making memories a

With the fort complete, the PLAN is to have a movie night tonight and then the kids want to all sleep down in the fort tonight. It is technically my son’s first “sleepover” (although  as he is at home with his family, not sure it qualifies!)  As he ran up to collect more blankets he declared that this was “THE BEST DAY EVER!!!”

It goes to show that sometimes when it is just easier to say no, thinking of mess and upset, it is sometimes better to say  “Yes” – YOLO

[YOLO – apparently that stands for “You Only Live Once” and it is great fun to say it to your kids on all possible occasions as for some reason that irritates teens :)]

At tea time (or supper or dinner – whatever you call the meal you eat around 6pm) we hadn’t enough chairs left  to sit on, so this was a good excuse to get chips from the chip shop, and eat them on our knees – YOLO!

Kids now munching through popcorn and sweets, watching some DVD’s in their fort/den.  If anyone manages to sleep, or if they decide they prefer the comfort of their own beds, remains to be seen. It may all end in tears and not much sleep (probably me on both counts) ……..I’ll let you know!

So have you ever thrown caution to the wind and just said “Yes” instead of the inevitable/predictable “no”? You never know, you just might make some memories!

Do share some memories of fun spontaneous things you have done  – either recently, or from your childhood. I’d love to know.

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  1. My children are younger than yours but I’ve already had the “do I say yes and deal with the mess” struggle for sure. In our house it is painting. My son loves to paint but a 2 year old + paint = MESS! With his short attention span, set up and clean up take about 15-20 minutes for a 5 minute painting session:) However, like you, when my son’s face lights up, it’s worth the mess. YOLO:)

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