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Welcome to a NewYear in My World

Welcome to a new year in my world!

Actually there is an ad on TV right now, with the song “Welcome to my world”, I can’t remember the product (so maybe not such a great advertising success) but it makes me smile when I hear it.

New Year itself was a quiet event here. Our older 2 asked to stay up to midnight, but faded fast and asked to go to bed at 10.30!

I am still catching up with my Christmas posts, and so today my Show and Tell with be my parents decorations and dining room, where we spent Boxing Day. I realise now that Boxing Day is not celebrated everywhere. I believe the tradition was that it was the day that the rich boxed up food and gifts and delivered it to the needy. Here it is the day the very well fed visit more family to be fed even more and receive more gifts! As we had my in-laws side on the family with us on Christmas Day, we drove to my parents house on Boxing Day bearing gifts and my home-made stuffing.

We had a lovely day, great food and company and lots (more) to eat.

I particularily love my parents table, chairs and sideboard – I remember when the bought it from a manse somewhere near Larne when I was about 10 or so. It has great character and I love to imagine the number of families who have eaten around it through it’s history. It has several additional leaves/portions which you can add to extend the table – we have the origianl huge crank you attach to under the table to wind it open and closed.

So here are some photos of it set for our Boxing Day dinner.

Finally this little snowman bottle topper thingy – this will be the first and last time to share this, as it was a casualty of the meal….. it dropped and shattered. Mum said “Don’t worry….I have had it for years”.

I know Mum and Dad read my blog, so I hope they don’t mind me sharing their table and home!

For more Show and Tell be sure to visit There’s No Place Like Home.

Finally, did you notice a new little counter at the top of my blog. Yes…we are off to Disneyland Paris in February. I will blog soon of how we told the kids, and how they reacted. You can see/read about the last time we told them of a Disney trip HERE.

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22 thoughts on “Welcome to a NewYear in My World”

  1. It’s interesting to learn of Boxing Day. It sounds like a lovely tradition. I agree that your mother’s furniture is beautiful. I especially love the beautiful wood table. Thanks for sharing. Happy Show ‘n Tell Friday!

  2. Heidi Pocketbook

    Your traditions make for interesting reading. The table and china cabinet are beautiful pieces, and the table settings quite lovely.

  3. Ashley @ Domestic Fashionista

    Your table is beautiful! I love it…so warm and welcoming…and fancy! 😉

  4. I love learning new things like about boxing day!
    I was born in the UK but did not live there long enough to adopt that tradition but do love my tea still! I am a wee bit Irish too!
    My husband more than me.
    Thanks for visiting my blog . I enjoyed yours as well.
    Happy New Year!

  5. Your parents’ dining room is gorgeous. I am sorry to hear of the demise of the snowman. At least he lives on in your blog.

  6. What a gorgeous table setting, and your Mum sounds like a real lady – what a beautiful way to pass over the loss of the little snowman. True grace indeed.

    Happy New Year!


  7. That table is beautiful. Its very similar to one my granny had when I was a child, although it only sat four. I don’t remember it ever being any bigger than that but there may have been additional leaves.

    I trip to Paris sounds lovely and especially in February when its normally a bit bleak here.

    Its a pity about the little snowman. It isn’t often you come across one made of glass.

  8. Thank you for explaining boxing day. Very interesting. The table looks very inviting and festive. I can just imagine the merriment that surrounded that table as you all enjoyed your meal.
    Poor little snowman…at least mom was able to enjoy him for a good many years :0)

  9. ~*Jennifer*~

    Beautiful pictures JanMary! We celebrate Boxing Day too. My parents always throw a party on Boxing Day for my moms side of the family (& my paternal grandfather as well). It’s always a great time seeing all the family I don’t get to see all the time!

  10. Your parent’s dining room is beautiful- and the table setting!

    Thanks for explaining Boxing Day- I didn’t know what it was, but had heard of it. That’s the day I usually look forward to relaxing and not cooking with so many leftovers from Christmas:)

    Our leftovers went fast this year with 12 of us here! So fun to have all the kids home at once!!

    Thanks again- great photos!

    Linda C

  11. What an absoluetly beautiful table. I wish I could have been there to share in it! I love your blog!

  12. Lady Katherine

    Your parent’s table setting is beautiful! Love learning tradition of boxing day, as my Dad’s side is Irish. Not sure of anyone has ever known about boxing day. Have fun in Paris.

  13. My husbands family is of Irish descent and I love reading about various customs. I’m so glad I found your blog! Happy New Year!

  14. The snowman bottle topper was a beauty! Glad your mom took the news so well :). I love all the decorations that come with Christmas :).

  15. JanMary, I too am happy to learn the true meaning of boxing day. I always thought it had to do with..well, the sport of boxing! 🙂

    Gorgeous table mum! What a treasured piece it must be to gather around with all those you love.

    So glad you entered the contest o my blog! Oh, yes, I do know how to ship international! 🙂


  16. I clicked over here from Antique Mommy, and have really enjoyed looking through your blog — very lovely. Happy belated birthday to your sweet daughter. My daughter (the eldest and the only girl) just turned 11 on Dec. 30.

  17. Creative Junkie

    Oh! That table is soooooo pretty. I wouldn’t want to actually eat on it, for fear of messing it up!

    I just want to stare at it … it’s lovely!

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