Lessons Learned This Week

Quick post tonight, while I am watching the first episode of The Apprentice – here are this week’s lessons

  • I love The Apprentice – and this year’s candidates look as eccentric as ever. Are you watching?
  • Blue skies and warm sunshine – it has been so long, that I took my iphone photo for today of the sky!
  • Moshi Monsters are taking over our house – resistance is futile
  •   It was lovely to be back up at the north coast this weekend
  • We have a new family tradition – when out for Sunday lunch, instead of ordering desserts we head to the local traditional sweet shop – what was your favourite sweets from your childhood?

So there you have it – my lessons this week. As usual I am linking up to Julie, from Inmates to PlayDates.

What have you learned this week? Please let me know!

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