Review of a Colour Consultation by Jennifer Kelly, Bangor

I met Jennifer (Jennfer Kelly, Image Consultant) last year, after she got in touch to order some pieces of my jewellery for her new shop in Grays Hill, Bangor.

She has been encouraging me to have a colour consultation for some time, but I have always been a bit wary of having my colours “done”! What if my favourite colours are not recommended? What if I hate the colours that are deemed to be most suitable?

When I arrived in Bangor last Friday, Jennifer explained the process…

“It’s not just about the colours you like/don’t like, I will provide you with a range of the most flattering colours.”

Jennifer started by giving me a mini-facial, and then used a hairband to keep the hair from my face, so that hair and make-up are kept out of the equation on the initial colour analysis.

It’s about choosing the colours you can wear, not having a colour “wear you”.

The processes of draping colours against my skin tone began

We started with pinks, and a fuschia pink was definitely most flattering.

With greys and browns, the clearer and less-dull/less-muted were the clear winners

As we progressed through the the colours, I was definitely heading for Cool/Clear/Deep colours (also described as Winter)

Jennifer explained that although some colours may not be ideal for you, by choosing a piece of jewellery or scarf in a colour from your pallette, it was still possible incorporate different colours.

Some of the colours Jennifer used to test against my complexion were “extreme versions” used for testing and comparison. I was not to be scared by the strong colours she was demonstrating with – I could chose a subtler shade.

The conclusion …. I was Cool/Clear/Deep (Winter)

The good/great news – black and navy where on my pallette

The ones I had hoped to also be there were brown, and a dusty soft pink – no colours are “banned/excluded” but it was recommended that I included some cool/clear accessories.   I also tend to be drawn to more muted colours, as well as cream, but was encouraged to try brighter/bolder/sharper colours.

More good news was that yellow and orange were not for me ….. not that I ever thought they were, but it was nice to have that confirmed!!

Interestingly some of the colours of significant outfits from my past were deemed to be within my range-

My uniforms from my Northern Banks days started with teal (mid 80’s), then electric blue (early 90’s), and ended with navy (late 90’s/early 00’s) – were ALL in my pallette. (The less said about those triangular teal pinafores and lemon blouses the better!)

The mint green bridesmaid dress I wore in 1990 was definitely a good colour for me

My wedding dress (ivory) and going-away-outfit (jade green with a navy camisole) also perfect!

After the colour pallette was finalised, I had my makeup applied by Jennifer using the Art Deco makeup she is a stockist for. Jennifer also sells a great selection of tops, accessories, and of course some Janmary Designs jewellery!  Definitely worth visiting her shop if you are in the North Down area.

For a Cool/Clear/Deep person, pink-based makeup is recommended – as I tend to prefer browns  for my eyes and natural/nude colours on my lips, this will be more of a shift for me.

Finally I received advice on hair colouring, and I agreed that ash blonde was preferable to golden blonde highlights.

So, the whole process was an enjoyable two hours, with lots of advice from Jennifer.

I left with my pallette of colours – not as a definitive list, but to look out for colours which blended with them.

The wallet includes – samples of the Cool/Clear fabrics, advice on hair, makeup, accessories (shoes/bags/jewellery/even glasses)

Since last week, when clothes shopping, I have been keeping the recommendations in mind, and it has helped me decide against some of the more muted colours I would probably have been drawn to.

Thanks to Jennifer for her expertise and encouragement to go for a Colour Consultation.

Have you ever had your colours “done”? Have you considered going for a Colour Consultation?

Disclaimer : Jennifer Kelly provided me with a complimentary Colour Consultation, but ALL opinions expressed are my own – I promise!

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