Last Christmas

I know it was only last week, but Christmas Day seems a long time ago now!

I have not yet shared anything of Christmas Day itself. The kids got up at the civilised hour of 7am, not too bad in our opinion. Everyone was delighted with their gifts, especially Sam, as he had been concerned his fire station would not fit down the chimney!

Here is a digital layout I made of Christmas morning, using Cozy Christmas by Lara Payton at Dusty Bear.

After the Santa stockings and presents we paused for breakfast (pancakes and strawberries) then continued with the present opening, this time it was family presents. The girls loved their ipods, and Sam loved his Mr Potato Head Indiana Jones! I got just the lens I wanted (!), a Sigma 70-300mm – I have no idea what those numbers mean, but the lens was recommended and I love it.

We meet up with most of the neighbours in our street later in the morning for mulled wine and mince pies (or lemonade and chocolate fingers if you are under age) which is always enjoyable.

My middle daughter and I put the finishing touched to the dinner table.

Do you like our place settings, using a bauble attached to a strip of printed out card?

The centre piece was a cream candle, surrounded by red bells, and then a wreath of berries around that. Thought it might be a but much ….but then thought …why not….it’s Christmas!

With the turkey in the oven, we used THIS (see photo below) to ensure the oven door stayed closed enough to cook it!

Yes – our oven door is wedged shut with a broom shaft! I have previously blogged about our single oven and it’s inadequacies – now you have the proof. I am optimistic that by next Christmas I will have had a kitchen makeover and a new oven… this space!

Dinner was served at 3pm.

After that I seem to have finally overcome the urge to photograph anything. so you just need to take my word that we enjoyed the rest of the day with in-laws and cousins.

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By the time you read this it may already be 2009, so I trust it is treating you well. We are still enjoying our break at the cottage.

Take care, and I love it when you comment.

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  1. Everything looks just lovely! Love that place setting idea!

    Have yourself a wonderful and very very happy New Year!

  2. wow you had a lovely table for your Christmas dinner ~ you are such a wonderful decorator 🙂 love your Christmas LO, too ~ looks like you all had such a wonderful day!!

  3. Glorious pictures! I love them all!
    And I hope 2009 brings you the new kitchen and a new oven! 🙂
    Happy New Year to you and your family! Looking forward to another year of your posts! ♥

  4. I’m fully subscribed!

    The oven door is a funny thing. I’m betting once your husband sees it splashed on your blog…haha, kitchen makeover coming up. Just kidding, I’m sure its worth making-do and waiting for.

    Our dinner table looked the same for our Christmas dinner (at Mr. Miles moms) there were 9 of us in all. LOVE your decorations. Do your children actually eat and like brussels, or not?

    You continue to enjoy! I’ll be back soon.

  5. Hello there! Poppin’ over from Tiffany’s blog! She told me about a “friend” she had made in Ireland…I’m assuming this must be you! (She’s my sister-in-law)

    LOVE your pictures…I’m just getting into photography myself, and I can hardly put my camera down! I can’t wait until it starts to warm up here a bit so I can get outdoors to shoot! (I think I’ve taken as many pics of my family room as I possibly can…ha!).

    God Bless!

    Courtney in Indiana

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