Welcome to December and my non-blogging world!

I can’t really call myself a blogger these days as I blog so intermittently!

However, the christmas decorations are up, and my blog is calling me back.

Faithful bloggy friends may remember, in the distant past, that I usually blog DAILY in December! Considering I only managed two posts in November, I might not that this December. However I have been challenged by Mrs Miles to try daily blogging in December, even if it is just a photo …… We’ll see!…..

For the first time ever, we have had snow while putting up the Christmas trees and decorations. It seemed very appropriate and festive. We have had our coldest November in over 20 years, and no sign of temperatures rising just yet.

1 dec tree 4w (Small)

Here is what I have NOT been blogging about!

The kids enjoying the snow:

s1 in snow 4w (Small)

j snow 4w (Small)

s3 in snow 1 4w (Small)

New car – traded in an older VW red Touran for an almost new VW silver Touran. My son was not sure about our red car leaving the family “I will miss it’s red-i-ness and the stains on the seats”!!! This is his last morning going to school in the old car and this is his “sad and grumpy” face.

old touran 4w (Small)

However the new car has SatNav and Parking Assist (yes – it can paralell park for me!) so he has quickly forgotten his loyalty to the old car.

new touran 4w (Small)

December is always hectic but in a lovely way – Carol services, nativity plays, TWO of my kids have birthday parties being held here at home, I’m cooking Christmas dinner on Christmas Day for 12 of us ……..

The Christmas decor is up – yes, I know I have already mentioned that, but I love it 🙂

A few new additions have been purchased and I plan to share them soon.

My middle daughter has recently discovered the joys of baking, and made these chocolate cupcakes and decorated them all by herself. I didn’t even have to wash the dishes and clean the kitchen after. My only job was to photograph them.

choc cupcakes 4w (Small)

My eldest daughter has started helping out with my JanMary Designs jewellery evenings and it is great to have another pair of hands to assist.

We have TWO birthday parties being held here, AT HOME, in the next few weeks – my daughters are enjoying the planning them. More on those later this month.

So welcome back faithful readers, and maybe some new readers too.

Keep warm and festive greetings to you all.

Have YOU started decorating for Christmas yet? Please let me know.

See you back here tomorrow (hopefully!)

4 thoughts on “Welcome to December and my non-blogging world!”

  1. Andrea @ The Creative Junkie

    We Christmas-fied our home before Thanksgiving because I like to wake up the day after Thanksgiving and not have to do a blessed thing to decorate.

    Those cupcakes look AMAZING ((wiping drool from my keyboard))

  2. No, decorations not up yet. My granddaughter helped a little today with packing the Halloween and Thanksgiving away…I swapped the seasonal clothes in my closet, discarding as I did so..that was a big job…So, my housekeeper comes tomorrow to clean then I’ll think about starting to put out Christmas things.
    I have been working on genealogy scrapbooks for many months now as gifts for my siblings. I put my brother’s together last night…I only like a few more pages being finished…put together it is hard to see all the work…I had to scan and resize many photos, write the stories for each branch of the family and then trim and paste…I can’t wait to see them open these at Christmas.
    Can I borrow your girls to help with my baking?
    It gets harder the older I get to do it all.
    Mama Bear

  3. YAY – Skippidy Doo! I’m so glad you are back blogging! Ahh – erm, was it ME who mentioned blogging DAILY haha, we will see how that goes. I will try my bestest.

    You are light years ahead of me, I have NO decorations up, nothing would suggest this is the festive season, will have to get working on that. (was I secretly hoping for inspiration from… other people’s blogs?) hehe. Nah, thats just an excuse.

    You have a lot to blog about. The kids are getting to be – NOT kids anymore, and sounds like they are assuming adult duties to boot! So fun to tag along!

    The cupcakes are pretty enough to grace a bakery.

    NICE VW – a distant newer cousin to our Sebastian Vanagon? Too funny the comments of your little man!

    I’m looking forward to your next post!

    ~ Barb

  4. tree up last monday – so were the decorations – now to just finish the shopping – not much time with work to finish this all in december –
    glad your back = missed your posts!

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