I’m back ……again

It is been ages since I blogged, and in what is now becoming a tradition, here’s what I have been up to (not excuses, just reasons……well, sort of excuses) :

  • ladies night at church – we had chinese takeaway, lovely desserts, books, cupcakes and jewellery (mine) on sale, followed by an unexpected but hilarious “wee” chat
  •  planning, baking and organising for a coffee morning/jewellery party at my house (more on that in my next post) but we raised £281 for a local cancer charity. THANKS to all who came and supported it!
  • more jewellery sales and custom jewellery orders than I have ever had before – busy, busy, busy….
  • chose a new (new to us car) – waiting for it to arrive (coming from England) – exciting!
  • daughter 2 sat the first of 3 AQE exams (Northern Ireland education system – a whole other post!)
  •  ran my first jewellery making evening with some great teenage girls, and my eldest daughter was delighted to help, even though she missed Xfactor! (but not entirely thanks to Sky+)
  •  tomorrow evening I am selling my jewellery at a local school fair, and with so many recent orders and sales, I am furiously making some more “stuff”

So there you have it – why I havent been around recently. Sometimes there is too much going on in life to have time to blog about it!

It is 6am, the house is quiet (apart from a purring cat beside me) but there is a storm raging outside so I decided I could not procrastinate any longer and would just get up and blog!

A blog without photos – is that even possible for me? Well on this occasion it just might have to be. (No doubt I will sneak back later and add a photo!)

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  1. I’m so glad you’re having such success with your jewelry!! That’s awesome. I do miss your photos, though. 😛 Hey, how fun about the new car!! I’m jonesing for a new car, but it will be a while for me.

  2. Good to “see” you again. I love when you show up on my dashboard, but know how busy life gets. SO happy you are getting a new car. That’s always fun. 🙂

  3. wow – you have been busy – so excited your jewelry is going so well – how exciting!!! missed your posts – glad you are all doing well –
    missing your neck of the woods!!
    Say hi to hubby and kid’s for us!!

  4. YAY!! I’ve been WAITING for this post!

    I love that you are TOO BUSY with GOOD THINGS to post, that will give you a good backlog when things settle down, thats asuming they will. Do us a favor and have your lovely dd’s take some photos OF you doing your thing to share here! Missed you much.

    Love, Barb

    Ohhh shiny new car-car!

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