Catchup – halloween, the dentist and the flat tyre!

Half-term break is over – yeah!  I loved it, but love it being over too.

Since my last blog post…here’s what’s been happening :

  • pumpkin carving
  • sparklers

  • fall fest – our church alternative  to the usual festivities for families (bouncy castle, live music, fancy dress, pumpkin carving, puppet shows, craft, food – all free)

  • fireworks

  • trick-or-treating (no photos – never assume you have downloaded all your images before clearing your memory card 🙁 – oh well!)
  • trip to IKEA
  • kids back to school
  • took 3 kids to dentist – thumbs-up all round
  • FLAT TYRE on way home from dentist – getting dark, raining heavily and 3 tired.hungry kids in the car
  • RAC membership expired – eeek – renewed in the car from the side of the road
  • 30 minutes trying to explain to the RAC operator exactly where we were 
  • 30 more minutes of waiting, and the truck turned up
  • seeing our car on the back of a recovery truck and getting to ride in the cab ALMOST made up for our adventure (well, only if you are 6!)
  • Home sweet home, 3 miles and 90 minutes from the start of the puncture!

 photo taken with iphone – and NO – my car is NOT on fire!!! (just the lorry lights)

  • 45 minutes later leaving the house to see West Side Story at local school – amazing production, and great to see kids I remember as wee babies now taking the main roles! 
  • Getting tyre replaced today

So……what’s happening in your life?!!

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  1. wow –
    don’t think my life is as exciting as yours!!! just busy shooting, editing and more editing – and stuff.
    Cant believe it’s just about the holiday season already
    why does time go by so fast as an adult??
    love the new jewelry pieces you had on FB – so talented!!!

  2. WOW – your week was positively action-packed compared to mine. Too bad you had to go through this, these things happen (hug!!!)

    The pic of the children with sparklers, now wouldn’t that be PERFECT for your Christmas card? The sparkler sort of says “Celebrate” right?

    I emailed you about your lost photos.

    Glad you enjoyed the play, at least.

    Thanks for another lovely post, I feel so calm and peaceful over here now. Haha!


  3. JM – you were supposed to call me the next time you went to IKEA and fly me out there to go with you. Did you not get the memo?

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