Valentines, Compassion, a Toddler haircut and more!

Now, that is surely unique combination for a Blog post title. Do you think anyone else has used it? Maybe I should do a Google Search just in case!

It is shortly after 6am, and the house is quiet. I wish to reassure you this is not my normal getting up time, but I was wide awake, composing a brilliant blog post in my head, and decided I should just get up and blog it now while I have the chance. I somehow doubt it will be quite so witty and informative as the post in my head, but we shall see…..

This is my first blinkie, and for the animated version look at the top right of this page. I used Gina’s Loving You kit, from Weeds & Wildflowers at Prima Hybrid. I need to thank Amy W for all her help and patience in helping me get it blinking and linking! She was wonderful.

So on to Valentines Day, or at least my perspective on it. I have been fascinated to discover what a HUGE thing it appears to be in the US. Here it is certainly commercial, but as we don’t do the mass sending of cards and sweets to entire classes, it is certainly a lot less work and hassle. I was reading this post by Mommy Cracked and this was my reply

You should all just move the UK or Ireland. Here, at school or preschool the kids make one valentine card for the one they love – which is usually (and hopefully still is) us! Older kids would send a card to someone they really like/fancy/have a crush on, but it is usually anonymous. Really old people (like adults) just send a card to their one true love, unless you have been married for yonks and agree not to bother with the cards things. So really the hassles only really start when teenage daughters are upset because they only got 2 cards, and their friend got 5! I am enjoying hearing about yet another cultural diffence between us and our friends across the puddle:)

Can you share with me how Valentines Day is spent (literally) in your part of the world?

Here it Sam with his Valentine card for me

Yes, I know I am posting this photo, before the others of the actual haircut, but bear with me, it is still before 7am.

Next, have you heard yet about the Compassion Blog Tour to Uganda. A number of very talented bloggers are all in Uganda, witnessing first hand the work of Compassion. Words fail me, and that does not happen often, to describe what they are sharing. Each blogger has their own perspective, and the combined view you get by reading all the posts is very powerful and challenging. Please visit the Compassion Website.

Here is a list of the bloggers taking part:

For photos from the trip go here

A Toddler Haircut

Our church toddler group is probably the only one with its’ own hairdresser! One of the mum’s is a hairdresser, and often gives a toddler a quick trim on request. The price is a donation to the Methodist JMA money box. The kids are so much happier in familiar surroundings, and it is so much easier for the mums. Taking a small child to the hairdresser is usually a stressful occasion, so this is a perfect solution.

Some pics – before, during and after.

Now, thank you to all of you (8 at the last count) who have voted in my poll (see right). The majority are not here for my digital layouts, so that is a relief as I have none to show you right now!

Kids are off school for half-term, so no posting till next week.

Until then, take care, and hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day

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  1. You’re right – very good title! I’m awful with titles LOL!
    I just have to say that I love your son’s red hair – gorgeous color!

  2. I think you’re definitely safe in assuming this is a unique blog post title, lol! I’m in the US and we do valentines for all the kids classes, but DH and I don’t really do anything special for each other. I guess we fit into your married too long to bother with all the hassle category, lol.

  3. Great blog, your son is so cute! Im in the US and my daughter takes cards to each kid in her class and they have a party in the afternoon. Hubby and I dont go out or anything (hes out of town today) One year I did get floweres at work which was very lovely!

  4. happy valentines day hun!! Love the card your little boy made you..very cute! Also love his new haircut!

    Love the header/blinkie and will figure out a way to sport it! 🙂

    May this be a wondeful valentines day for you! 🙂 Hugs!

  5. Here at my house, we just trade cards. My daugher gets some chocolate and I normally get flowers, but it’s not a big deal if I don’t. She also takes little valentines to school to trade and they have a party with cake and games. That’s about it!

  6. Aww, great shots!! He looks so cute with his new haircut! Well, today is our Valentine party at daycare and I totally agree with you…I just wish the kids could make one Valentine and it not be so over the top. In any case, I certainly hope you guys enjoy yours!

  7. I finally remembered to add you to my blog roll so that I never lose your page. LOL I Love it!

    What cute pictures! Love his hair cut!

    If Pato didn’t have to work, we’d be going out to eat or something. We exchanged presents. got the kids a little something. Jordan has a class party today and I made him his Valentine’s Day cards this year. That’s basically it.

    I’ve noticed in my blog hoppings that we American’s like to commercialize holidays way too much. And I’m guilty!

    Have a happy Valentine’s Day!

  8. Hi

    Just wanted to drop by and say WOW It’s not every day you find a fellow Northern Ireland Blogger.

    I really love what you do with photos and your kids must be about the same age as mine:-)

    I came via Kelli’s House incase you were wondering but I also read Shannon at Rocks in my Dryer and Boomama!

    Are there many more of us out there, do you know?

  9. A lot of holidays are commercial here in the states… to me it belittles the true meaning of any of them.
    Great idea for trimming toddlers hair! Will have to pass that one to my sister!

  10. A little too commercial if you ask me. Adorable photos, gotta love the red hair. Thanks for stopping by earlier today. Hope you have a fab. Friday.

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