Sunday Morning – Compassion and more

Good Morning all.

This will be a quick post, but I wanted to share some Compassion news with you.

I have already mentioned the Blogging Trip to Uganda, and I must admit I was at first sceptical when I heard of it, thinking that surely it would be better to spend the money of helping the children, instead of flying over to see them. But I was wrong, and the power of the message from those bloggers should not be underestimated.

To give you a sample of how lives are being changed, read any of the blogs, but if you have a moment please watch this video by Ragamuffin Soul, of the meeting of Shannon (Rocks in my Dryer Blog) with her sponsored child Dissan.

You can read Shannon’s perspective on the meeting here.

We too have decided to sponsor a little girl called Fiona from Uganda, and my daughters are very excited to write to her, and learn more of her life.

Are you being challenged by this too? If so, go HERE for more information.

On to other news, we now have TEN blog readers who have now voted on why they visit here (it is on the right of this blog) and the majority are here as they are interested in “life here in Northern Ireland”, so I plan to include some more details in upcoming blog posts. (Can you bear the excitement and anticipation!?!).

Thanks for all the lovely comments on my blinkie. If you wish to grab it and add it to your blog (yes, someone actually asked me if they could!!) please drop me an email, and I would be delighted to pass it on.


Don’t forget the Ultimate Blog Party 2008, with a chance to win some great prizes and be introduced to some wonderful blogs. It all happens from 7 – 14 March, so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out.

Finally, if you have made it as far as here, thanks for sticking with me, and you may want to view some new photos on my photoblog HERE

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  1. Discovering your blog through DST blog train and I am more than pleased to see than you are from Ireland, one country I would love to visit.
    I am bookmarking you and will come again to see what’s running on in Ireland 🙂
    Have a nice week-end,

  2. what a great thing to do. Your daughter will learn so much about another country.

    the blog party look very interesting out, I must take a look at that.

    have a nice sunday 🙂

  3. hey hun…I voted for ya too! 🙂 I voted for ‘something else’ cause really I love everything you blog about! 🙂 Great video and what a swet idea…have to take a closer look on that! Thanks for pointing it out!

    Have a great day, Hugs!

  4. I have made one trip to Uganda many many years ago. They needed alot of help then. I can only imagine the suffering now.
    You are doing a wonderful thing. You will be blessed. You already are.

  5. I have been so moved through the bloggers trip as well, I’ve decided to sponsor a child, too.
    I thought the same thing you did…spend the money on the kids instead of the trip, but I think the bloggers have been able to reach a lot of people and it has turned into a lot of new sponsorships.
    I’m going to check out the blog party too!

  6. As I sit here at my puter listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers I see you left a comment on my blog. I had no idea about the blog party thing..I am so in in this one…At least I know I will HAVE to blog for it and that gives me a bit of incentive, thanks for your comment on my blog and I hope to talk to you again soon.

  7. oh I also forgot to say that I want to come to Ireland SOOOOOOOOOO bad I can taste it. Someday when my kids are all grown up I hope to make it there.

  8. Thank you JM for inspiring me to blog my compassion experience… again! and… I might be prodded to do the ultimate blog party, only it looks SO CONFUSING… meybe if you would (virtually) hold my hand I could handle it? haha!

    🙂 ~ Barb

  9. What a cool blog site! Hello to you in Ireland from Alabama, USA. I will need more time to go through your site, so I will be back…. Jen

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