WFMW – Ikea and More Paris

Todays digital scrapbooking layout is (for a change) another Paris layout. For more paris pics, read on!

Simply put – my What Works for Me Wednesday is

Try Ikea – especially if you live nearby one of their stores.

On my last post I mentioned in passing I was planning on visiting Ikea. I was amazed by the number of emails, as well as comments, from those of you who have never been to Ikea, and LIVE CLOSE BY!

Fo about 15 years I have loved Ikea, and every year tried to plan a trip to UK which I could managed to top up my Ikea fix for another while. Finally, after years of debate and rumours, it arrived in Belfast. Although my house does not look anything like an Ikea catelogue, I always love to pick up a couple of things.

Here are some purchase highlight from my recent visit.

Among these items you can find

and a Leka

Not sure what they are? Here is another look.

The napkins cost £1 for 50
the resealable colourful sandwich/party bags were £1 for 10
The plastic jug with the freezeable innards was £2.99

So go on, live dangerously, and take a trip to Ikea.

If nothing else, your smaller kids may love the free creche, the outside play area and the 35pence icecream beside the checkouts.

It Works for me!

On to some Paris photos.

The next part of our tour with our photographer guide took us to some wonderful passage (historic covered shopping arcades) and I especially loved the ones which had not been over-restored back to perfection.


Come back soon.

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  1. You do such lovely work and I love your blog.

    Glad I found you via the Blog train.


  2. I love ikea. They have the best gift wrapping ribbons and their prices are great.

    OMG I am so jealous that you went to Paris! Although for a minute there I thought the photos were from Melbourne, Australia. As we have some very similar looking arcades. These are lovely photos, you must scrap them, would be a great layout, I can just imagine it. Photography tour sounds good, especially when you’re in Paris 🙂

  3. Gorgeous photos!

    We just had a new Ikea open up here a few months ago. I have to admit, I’m just not that wild about it. Its just not my style, I guess. And the crowds make me crazy!

  4. oh man. your paris photos are fab. makes me yearn to go! Yes, i am one of those who commented on your blog that I live a mere 15/20 minutes away from an Ikea and have yet to go–still…

  5. those photos are just phenomenal! I went to Paris when I was 17 with my French class. I was too young and too immature to appreciate it at the time. And now I’ll probably never get there again!

  6. I’d give my left arm for an IKEA, but apparently they think that Denver is just not important enough for one. 🙁 Eventually that day will come, and on opening day I’ll be there, sans kids, and not leave til they throw me out. LOL!

  7. I love IKEA too. We finally got one in Portland, Oregon. Before that we had to drive 2 1/2 hours to the closest.

    Love your pics of paris as well. Especially the one of the bike

  8. i dont think i have ever had a yearning to go to paris until i saw these phots and the layout at night…. wow is all i can say, you had me loving ireland and now there is a new spot

  9. It’s great having an Ikea in Belfast now. Can you remember what we did for homey fixs before it opened. I can’t get my 3 year old out of bed in the morning because of her bed tent. It’s great, lovely lie ins.

    I haven’t been to Paris yet tho, although your photos have me very tempted … now where’s that easyjet website.

  10. Oh good heavens don’t talk to me about Ikea! I work a 5 minute walk from one and you can’t keep out of the darn place. I find myself convincing myself that I really do need to go back just in case I’ve missed something in those 52 other times I’ve been there.

  11. That is my one regret in Malaysia (the closest I’ve come to an Ikea on my travels) – not going to one.

    I wish they’d open one in South Africa – Jhb to be precise!

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