We love Ikea!

Today I went with my son to Ikea, the plan being to have lunch, he would get to play in the play area while I looked for inspiration for our kitchen makeover, then we would come home.

However the much anticipated play in the play area did not happen. It temporarily closed for staff training, and never actually opened while we were there.

So instead my son and I had the joy of shopping together. We both survived, however the purchase of a new red bin for his bedroom and the promise of the 35 pence ice cream at the end softened his disappointment.

It was worth every penny!

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  1. Gotta love 35p icecream.

    And how on earth have I missed that swing the last oh dozen or so times I’ve been there. I always see the blue hangng chair and I have to pry Toots off it.

  2. I wish we still had an Ikea here. For some reason they closed it down years ago. It looks so bright and fun and colorful!

  3. I love IKEA too! So do my kids, so far they only know the play area in the cafeteria, BUT as of next Wednesday I can drop them both off in the play area and shop on my own..

  4. Love all the bright colors and he looks pretty happy even if the play area wasn’t open! Bribery always helps with shopping (LOL)!

  5. Great photos, love the one with your happy, ice cream-eating son! πŸ™‚ We usually bring Linus with us in the store when visiting IKEA; it is fun for him to run a round in the furnitured homes and when we reach the child department, he can play for a while and we rest our legs.
    Thanks for your nice comments to my blog, dinner yesterday was fab as always, fish au gratain. πŸ™‚

  6. I think I am the only woman left on this planet who has never been to an Ikea. I thought we had one in the next city over but I was wrong … the nearest one is several hours away.

    I want to go to one so badly!

  7. Nice photos! I love the hanging red disk… Haven’t seen that one yet, but I’m sure our 6 and 7 year old would LOVE it. Our daughter (the 6 year old) has the EKORRE hanging seat, her beloved “winga winga” :-).

    If you’re planning a kitchen, come visit us on ikeafans.com if you haven’t already… We <3 kitchens and have a lot of helpful folks and info. I'd love to get a bigger copy of the red swing image too... That's just TOO cute! ::thumbs up::

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