Shopping in Atlanta

My friends/readers know I love to shop, and want to share a few of the shops I loved during my recent trip to Atlanta. All photos taken on my iphone – so sorry for the quality.

Thanks to Nuala, our first hotel was located right beside Pier 1 Imports and The Container Store.

I have always loved Pier 1, and here are a few iphone pics from there.

It was my first visit to the Container Store, and only that I was severely limited by the capacity and weight of my suitcase I could have bought so much!

In Lenox Square Mall, just a mile from the hotel, my kids were delighted that I shopped for them in Hollister (which we have in N Ireland but more expensive), Abercrombie & Fitch (which we have in UK but none in N Ireland, and is very expensive) and Aeropostale (which we don’t have here and is very affordable!)

Back to the home decor shops for me –

Anthropologie – I love the whole atmosphere of the store, but not the prices! Great for inpiration though. I loved the colours and textures.

Crate and Barrel – love the products here too, but limited myself to a few new christmas tree ornaments.

Bath and Body Works – again another shop my daughters love.

Clothes for me – didn’t buy any this trip, but did find a pair of Skechers.

Makeup – Bobbi Brown and Mac were essential visits – we do have them here in N Ireland, but again, much more expensive.

So that was my retail theraphy during my trip to Atlanta.  My only regret was that I didn’t get to visit Target or even Walmart – I always enjoy a wander up and down the aisles!

Have I included any of your favourite stores? Did I miss some I need to find next time?

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  1. Hi JM,

    Hmmm looks like you got it covered, everything you chose is lovely. Your short visit was just not long enough to do SERIOUS shopping. Truly, when my in-laws come to visit and they go to the next community of SIZE, I go shopping while they gamble (LOL!) My Mr. is aghast – “You mean you really can spend 1 hour in that store?” And I assure him that I LOVE to be able to linger… and linger and linger!

    Thanks for sharing – Love to shop even if it is second hand through your blog.

    Hope you’re enjoying your cottage time.


  2. Oh I love the container store
    And crate and barrel
    And you picked one of the best malls there Lenox square
    I also love anthropology but their clothes are way expensive
    But some of their home goods aren’t
    And they do have really cool stuff!

  3. Oh, I am so homesick now!!! If you had turned right out of Lenox Square onto Peachtree and driven a mile or so you would have seen the grey stone of my beloved university! I used to work at Lenox mall for spending money. You were in my neighborhood, Lady! *sniff* So glad you enjoyed it!

  4. I live far from shopping and love to go to big city malls. Sadly we didn’t get too much shopping time in during our trip to Atlanta, but we did hit Crate and Barrel and their big Macy’s.

    I usually buy clothes when I get to a big mall.

    This trip I picked up some Editor pants at Express and a tailored shirt. I saw some to-die-for-shoes at Macy’s, but didn’t buy them.

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