Home Exchange – the final chapter (for this year!)

We are home, bags unpacked (mostly), and recovering from the jet-lag by spending the afternoon on the beach. Temperature has dropped significantly but we enjoyed the warm sunshine, but missed the warmer waters of New Emgland.

We packed quite a lot into our final days in Concord, MA.  It is a beautiful small New England town full of history and charm.

We went to Canobie Lake, NH which was a small scale theme park.  The kids and the big kid loved it.

We also canoed along the river in Concord from the South Bridge to the famous/infamous North Bridge.

We returned to Boston (on the T again) and explored the waterfront area a little before going to Cirque Du Soleil – AMAZING! Tickets were pricey, but worth it.

 The above photo was taken BEFORE the show started – I promise!

On our last morning we packed/cleaned and headed out for brunch before leaving for the airport.

No problems with car hire and no flight delays.  A little turbulence on the plane, and daughters are no keener on flying, as my husbands squished hands will testify too. Our son loved it, and waited excitedly on the runway for our plane to “launch”.  Little sleep to be had on the plane, but we arrived in Dublin to a beautiful sunrise at 5am.

Our whole family can’t wait to try another house swap next year – open to offers! You can view our cottage HERE

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  1. I’m so glad y’all made it home safely and had a great time! I’ve enjoyed following along!

  2. So glad you had a safe trip home. I am not very keen on flying, so a turbulent flight would unnerve me quite a bit. It sounds as though you made many wonderful memories on this trip. Carla

  3. so glad, that you are home again and safe!

    Love all your pictures and enjoyed the time following your trip

  4. it must be wonderful to sleep in your own bed again!!!
    Have enjoyed reading and seeing your vacation photos – how jealous I am right now you have a break from the hot weather –
    I am ready for the fall!!!
    Can’t wait to follow your adventures with another house swap –
    but you know – my home is always available to you and the family – anytime – just let me know –
    we must have dinner again!!!

  5. Huh – never heard New England waters described as warm! Glad you all are home safe – Boston is one of the greatest cities and so full of history.

    Stan at Scrappers Workshop

  6. SIGH – even being able to view your photos makes me feel like we came along! I could not figure out what the canoe’s photo was at first, took me a few looks. Heavens – you packed a LOT into your trip… all the best bits as always.

    I look forward to when you visit Canada. (waiting on the shore and looking out for you) Perhaps you’ll sail on a boat and your family won’t be all stressed *giggle*

    ~ Barb

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