Getting to know you! – chance to win a prize too

First a quick photo for you – proud “Mummy Moment” – my first letter from my 4 year old son.

Do you ever wonder who actually reads your blog, and why?


Just me?

Well I hope you are going to help me find the answers, by completing a quick survey for me.

Any if you do, you have a chance of winning a prize!

Today while shopping I came across some hilarious cartoons on tea-towels, and I would love to send one to a bloggy-survey-completer (and it could be YOU!)

SO – if you complete the survey (please) then leave a comment below, and I will choose a random commenter to WIN a Tea-towel….can you cope with the excitement?

If you don’t usually comment, this may be the day to finally take the next step. Just make sure I have a way to contact you, either your email address or blog address.

The survey must be completed by 21 August 2009 – my birthday.

So what are you waiting for ………go forth and survey complete (and comment)!

Click Here to take survey

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  1. Took the survey!! Love that little note from your little man….


    P.S. Thanks for your heartfelt post on my “Open Letter” entry… it made me love you even more then I already do!

  2. I have make this survey too.

    Great blog, I love your header. And the first letter from your sweetie looks so cute, you must be very proud.


  3. I found you from the DST blog hop and visit to my blog today..thanks for your encouraging words. I like your blog, glad I stopped by!

  4. Took the survey.

    Loved the wee letter from your son. Can’t wait until my two leave me lovely notes like that.

  5. too the survey…very neat idea. I often wonder who reads my ramblings too lol!

  6. took the survey – your birthday is also a few days before mine so if I won it would be an extra birthday pressie for me!

    Kids notes are cute – I have a handmade certificate from my daughter saying “Well don Emma For amasin Brarrs!” stuck to my monitor. (The spelling is cute too!)

  7. Just completed the survey it didn’t ask for my details. Very interesting and hope it helps. Happy Birthday for the 21st!

  8. I have no idea what an Irish tea towel is, but I never win anything, so I completed your survey to give it a shot!

  9. Am just catching up on some blog reading… took the survey! You’ll have to share the results!

    Happy Birthday!

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