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New Shoes

New school shoes bought for 3 kids without serious stress or injury to Mum!

Black is the new……black!

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So school shoes bought, completed uniform purchases for younger two, just the BIG day tomorrow when we purchase a new school uniform for my eldest who starts grammar school in September. Wish me well……

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  1. Cute, cute, cute! Love Mary Janes!

    We still need to do the shoe shopping. I dread it. Absolutely dread it.

  2. you have a lot of posts about shoes! I am so dreading school shopping. summer has been far too fun this year… happiest day to you and your little people 😉

  3. We have to get some new shoes too! I love the photo of them all stacked together. 😉

  4. Good luck uniform shopping – I think that’s easier than shopping for “regular” clothes especially when there are so many choices. We’re going out this weekend to take advantage of tax-free shopping. I like black shoes unfortunately my kids think otherwise.

  5. oh the “back to school shopping” season begins! LOL… i remember when i was little one pair of shoes and one new oufit for the first day of school, that was it… now it’s a whole new world.. happy shopping! love the photo! stopping by this evening from sits roll call from the morning! 😉 i had 2 posts today on my blogs stop by and say “hi!”

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