From Banking to Blogging, Beading and Beyond!

A while back I was asked by a friend to speak about my jewellery business and how I got started, having previously working in banking, to a group of ladies.  The title of my blog post was the “working title” she suggested for my talk!

I was incredibly nervous setting up to speak to the ladies last Wednesday night, and had brought along a display of my jewellery and also a selection of beads so those who wished to could create a bracelet after the presentation.

The title I used was the title of my blog “Welcome to my world – faith, family, jewellery, blogging, digital scrapbooking and photography”.  I covered all these topics and more, including social media, iphone photography and my journey through post natal depression.

Apparently I hid my nerves well – and the ladies were a lovely audience. The ages ranged from twenties to eighties I would imagine, and seemed to enjoy the range of topics – there was something for everyone.

I encouraged them to seek out blogs on topics there were interested in – crafts, cooking, photography…. there are blogs on so many topics.

After my talk there was definitely some interest in blogging, a one of the more senior ladies wants me to help her create her own blog!

One of the funniest parts of the whole experience was having seen some publicity about the meeting, and that I was speaking, a lady approached my husband at the gym and asked if HE was Janine Mayes’ husband  (jewellery designer and guest speaker)!!

As I have gone through most of my life know as the “wife of … “, “the mum of …..” etc, it is quite funny to now have my own identity, and my husband now known as “the husband of….”  When I shared this with my audience there was a round of applause!!

Here is a collage of pics taken with my iphone that evening

I was presented with some beautiful flowers, which I assured the ladies would be my “iPhone photo of the day” for the next day – and it was! Aren’t they beautiful?
So there you have it, my evening with the Old Girls Association of a local grammer school here in Lisburn.
Quite an experience, and a more enjoyable one than I expected!
(Now awavilable throughout Northern Ireland to speak at Women’s Groups!)
I would love you to share your thoughts – either here, on facebook or by email – how do you define your role/identity? I hadn’t really thought about it before this, but I too tended to definte myself in terms of others – not myself!

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