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Yesterday I had some friends around for an (In)courage (Real Life) meet-up.

Incourage is a website and community for christian women, and they provided us with a whole host of webcasts and discussion material for a “virtual” conference.

The (In)courage community and website has a beach house theme, so I had fun decorating the room with shells and candles.

For food we had some delicious colour-co-ordinated mini cupcakes. The yellow ones had lemon butter cream and the blue ones were cream cheese butter icing – I can take no credit for them, other than ordering them from a friend.

We had a lovely time together, watching and sharing, laughing, and some of us (mostly me) crying too!

We watched the very moving video “Choose Joy: Sara’s Story” about the blogger GitzenGirl.

One of my favourite quotes of the event was from Lisa-Jo, The Gypsy Mama

“It’s impossible to be perfect and real at the same time. Something has to give”

We weren’t able to watch everything but some of the other topics covered included in the webcasts were

Be the CHANGE would want to see
Prayers CONNECTS us
The myth that anyone can “Do It All”
Voices of WOMEN

There was a wee surprise at the end, as the final webcast we watched “A Virtual Community Reading: 20 Women; One Body in Christ”  including me! It was a bit cringe-y seeing myself but it was lovely to be part of it. I was spotted by a blogger I met in Atlanta last October who tweeted me to let me know 🙂

After my friends left, I was able to watch my twitter and instagram feed as meetups continued around the world – there were 472 events in total – including Singapore, Italy and Hawaii!

There was a wonderful sense of community and of being part of something global.

You can read more of the (in)RL meetups here

Were you part of the (in)courage community meetup yesterday?

If not, it will all be happening again next year, but in the meantime, visit the (in)courage website.

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  1. This is so great!  I kept following your Tweets because i thought of how amazing it was that we had participants from Ireland.  Sounds like you had a lovely gathering.  On Saturday as we watched the bible reading, I told one of the girl “Oh, I recognize her from twitter!”  🙂

  2. It was an absolute delight knowing you ladies were meeting up in Ireland and feeling like we were all just sitting across from one another over a cup of tea. And the community Bible reading? It’s one of my absolute favorite of the videos and when you read – it gives me goosebumps – reminded so tangibly about the wonderful cross-cultural body of Christ.

    Thank you thank you for joining us (in)RL!

    warmest of wishes

  3. Thanks Lisa-Jo

    I don’t think I really anticipated how global yet connected it would all be!

    Did you see my request on Twitter that next year we could all have (in)RL rubber bands?

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