Monday Musings – a knitted wedding and roasted vegetables!

Been another busy week.

Here’s what has been happening in my world this last week:

  •  Did you realise it is one year since Will and Kate and the Royal Wedding? I came across this book, and thought it was worthy of an Instagram share.
  •  I then thought I would look online, and am delighted to share the Royal Wedding ……. the knitted version!  Wonder if anyone knit Pippa too!
  • We had roasted vegetable a couple of time last week…..once with pasta, the other time with roasted salmon. The vegatables I usually use are : peppers, courgettes, red onions and spanish onions. What vegetables do you like to roast? Looking for some new suggestions 🙂
  • This day 4 weeks we will be in ROME! 20th wedding anniversary!  Thanks to my parents (hi Mum and Day!) we will also be kid-free.  For our honeymoon we went to Florida, and for our 10th anniversary it was Paris.
  • My husband has bought a camera – a Canon SX40. I think he realised as he was spending a lot of time waiting while I take photos that he may as well join me.   Maybe I’ll be soon sharing his photos here too.
  • On Saturday I hosted an (in)courage meetup, part of a global event. You can read lots more about it here on the (in)courage website, and you might spot a familar face or two.  It was a lovely afternoon, and I am still enjoying my beachy decor – think I’ll take it up to the cottage.

So, what’s been happening in your world?

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  1. loved the wedding video 🙂  –  I do my roast veggies in strips and also add carrots and parsnips, Leeks and Celery, also Sweet potato.  Some of those heavier veggies I would steam for a while first.  I usually add garlic, honey and mustard.  Very handy if you are feeding a large crowd!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog, JanMary. It’s been wonderful connecting with so many different women as a result of (in)RL. Your beach-themed photos caught my attention. I live on the west coast of Canada and love the ocean. My coffee table current sports an oyster shell filled with various bits of sea glass and shells from a recent beachcombing trek with my daughter. 🙂

    I had also had a busy week, and concluding it with the virtual conference was such a joy. I hope you experience carry-over blessings in this new week.

    1. We spend quite a lot of time on the beaches on the north coast of N Ireland (we have a holiday cottage near the Giants Causeway). I love beach glass but rarely find any. Most of these shells I got a couple of years ago in Cape Cod.

  3. Hi JM, 

    Who could have time to knit the royals?  How sweet though – I admire new ideas like this.  

    Veg – well, I love roasted asparagus, broccoli and cauliflower!  They are super easy to do.  I like how roasting them caramelizes them and gives them so much flavor.  Miles likes bbq mushrooms. 

    Love all your seashell photos, very nice!  Your cell phone needs a charge tho luv haha! 


  4. I”ve been busy purging and getting ready to have a garage sale – so much stuff we have accumulated over the past ten years – none of it will do me any good where we are headed – i would love to say your veggies look great – but I only eat corn and broccoli and carrots  – but B would love it!!

  5. Hi! I’ve found your website! I forgot to mention I would visit Trastevere because it is the older part of Rome – less tourists I hope! Plus the church where the visitors/pilgrims go up the steps to it on the knees. I’ll find out the name of it and send it to you later! I need to go see it too – my friends clued me in on it when we went for our Vatican day!

  6. Hi Jane

    Thanks – all info on Rome welcome and gratefully received. We love to explore the slightly less touristy areas of a city if possible. We are staying right beside the Panthenon, and ideally want to walk as much as possible.

    Where would be the best place for shopping for gifts for teen girls (an affordable clothes chain would be great) and a 7 year old boy (toys!). Guide books tend to focus on the designer stores for shopping.

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