A Heritage Layout and my weekend.

It is a bright spring morning, and I walked my 2 daughters to school this morning. Sam goes in the buggy, but I have now started to let him walk back. Lots of interesting things to examine on the way home – lamp posts, flowers, birds, Sam the lolli-pop man, pieces of gravel, cars etc, so progress was at a ‘relaxed’ pace. Took a few photos of Sam outside when we got home:

Had a good weekend. My husband got back from London safely. Went to the new gym to get a programme made out for me. Lots of machines they didn’t have at our last gym – looking forward t0 going again (which must be a good sign.

In the afternoon we started to sort out our garage – trying to be ruthless about throwing stuff away – getting better. The fly-lady would be proud of me. Maybe some day we can get a car back in!

Girls had their GB display on Saturday night – they did really well, and Sarah won the silver cup for Junior Badgework – I asked her what was ‘badgework’ and she replied – ‘I have no idea – but I came first!’. We think it was for some of the craft items they made during the year.

Clocks changed forward on Sunday morning, but the kids seem to have coped with the change. A great family service at church on Sunday evening – the kids led the service and it was all about FairTrade, and being resposible shoppers. The highlight for the kids was that we all were given a bar of FairTrade chocolate after the service, along with this little card for our purse/wallet to help us remember.

So that’s my life up to date, apart from some scrapping of course:

This is for the Dusty Bear quick page challenge – I have used it with a picture I was given recently of ny Dad with his parents and siblings. My Dad is Sam, first of the left.

Credits – Kit Romantic Memories by Dusty Bear
Font – James Fajardo

As always, comments are great.

Take care.

6 thoughts on “A Heritage Layout and my weekend.”

  1. This is really pretty!!! I am going to have to get started on mine! LOL Thankfully its a month long challenge, so I have time to get it done. Love how you did yours!!

  2. oh, i love your page for the challenge!! love the mix of patterns & solids & that mat under the frame is pretty ~ the edge cut is wonderful!! great job scrapping such a wonderful heritage photo 🙂

  3. Wow, this is so pretty. I love the overall composition. Everything is placed perfectly! Great job!

  4. What a nice page,I was finally able to get in to see it. Everybody has done something unique and makes for interesting looking on what people do with the same pieces.

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