Mom Monday / Mum Monday – kids say the funniest things

The lovely Genny has a weekly link up of mums sharing tips, personal stories, encouragements and ideas and this week I am joining in from Northern Ireland, sharing a few of my son’s “funnies” from the past week:

On Wednesday, while eating the roast chicken dinner I had made

“Mum, I prefer it when there are bumps (lumps) in the gravy. Next time can we have the bumps back?”

On Friday he showed me a sore in his mouth, I explained it was a mouth ulcer

“But how do you get an Ulster in your mouth mum?”

I don’t want to forget these sayings and comments, so I’m by recording them in my blog for posterity!

Here is the wee man in question, doing his homework.

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5 thoughts on “Mom Monday / Mum Monday – kids say the funniest things”

  1. April Vernon

    How sweet! He is a cutie! We had what we call “Little Smokies” for dinner tonight…tiny sausages in barbeque sauce. My 3 year old told us, “I like Little Pokies!”

  2. I like lumps too. They have little nuggets of extra flavor.

    I love that we can look back in our blogs and remember the wonderful things that our kids have said and done.

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