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A Sunday Morning Walk in Wallace Park

This morning before Church I enjoyed a walk around our local park.

Even with our mild winter, there is not much colour in the park I found some colour and but lots of texture.

I spent quite a while photographing the ducks – I had a photography tutor last year who was not a fan of photos of ducks or sunsets, so in the unlikely event of his seeing this post ….. look away now!

Mrs Duck always gets a bit overlooked, but when seen on their own, they are really lovely

And when she took flight I saw she had some beautiful blue feathers hidden underneath.

I have quite a few more images to share….. but you will have to wait for another post for them.

What’s in your local park? Please share!

Here are a few posts from other times in Wallace Park here and here.

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  1. Hi JM,

    Wow, honestly, it looks the same here as you have there, almost identical. It is really mild and the grass looks like it’s green in places. Unusual year!

    Thanks for sharing – I always enjoy.


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