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Another Belfast Photowalk – Victoria Square and St Georges Market

For the 2nd friday I took myself and my camera off to Belfast. It was a very different morning, no sparkling reflections – but cold grey fog. This was the view of the shipyard and Titanic Quarter which I visited last week.

This is the view from the top of the Victoria Square shopping centre. I love being able to look down on the roof tops.

Outside Victoria Square, is the Jaffe Fountain.

I have always been intrigued by this pub Bittles Bar – the “flat-iron” building narrows to a narrow end on the point of two streets and as far as I know is the only one like it in N Ireland.

Next I headed to St Georges market, and the regular local Friday variety market.

I have been a few times before, but usually to the craft and food market at the weekend. This however is where the locals buy there fish, veg, curry, vinyls and large pants!

There were lots of wee ladies with their shopping trollies, and lots of characters to photograph.

I came across an artist sketching a cupcake stall.

I love the architecture of the building, and how it has not been prettily preserved in a “do not touch” touristy kind of way, but it remains a practical space used by the local residents.


My favourite discovery of the morning was this stack of old kodak slides – I wonder who’s memories are captured on them. I am sure many an attic has a box or two of these stashed away.

So that was my morning in Belfast.

Do you have a favourite image?

I’d love to know if there is a market near you?

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  1. Hi JM,

    It would be too difficult to choose just one for all your photos evoke feeling. How I would have loved to wander about with you. I really like being in fog, makes everything seem “muffled” and mysterious, makes me want to write a mystery novel.

    I can’t tell you the delight I have coming on your outings with you here, I’m sure should I be along you and I would be “oooohhhing” over the very same things.

    I like to look at other’s old photos too and wonder. Sometimes it makes you feel so insignificant, thinking who would care after I am gone? Would someone want to know my story/life? Would it matter?

    Blessings my friend,

  2. Thanks for joining us in the Travel Showcase at Loveallblogs! Love this post, the photographs are amazing, and Belfast looks like such an interesting city! If I had to pick a favourite photo it would be the rooftops one, it’s lovely! Emma 🙂 PS. we do have a food market near us, Munich’s Viktualienmarkt… It’s great for people watching!

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