Day 11 – A Winter Walk

Evening everyone.

Today Sam (age 3) and I went for a short walk to post a letter. It is amazing the things you find that interest a 3 year old on a simple walk – these included berries (red and yellow), a digger, a lorry, a for sale sign, a post box, a cat, a cement mixer, some birds, someone washing their welly boots with a hose, and finally…..the highlight of the trip…. a worm!

Here are a few photos to share, including some seasonal red berries to continue my christmas photo theme.

Sorry to disappoint you, but no photo of the worm!

A friend sent me an hilarious email last night, which I shared at DST HERE, so if you want a giggle, check it out.

Here is tonight’s Christmas Question/Answer

Which Christmas colour do you like better? RED or GREEN?

Oh, I am torn by this one, I love the green WITH the red, but if I had to just choose one, it would have to be red. What about you?

Finally, if you have made it this far, you may have forgotten but there was a cute picture of a christmas tree before this post. If you would like to pick a virtual present for me and leave it by the tree, that would be wonderful – don’t worry, no paypal or money involved!!

Until tomorrow

Take care.

11 thoughts on “Day 11 – A Winter Walk”

  1. I KNOW, isn’t fun how a short walk tends to take a long time with little ones because they are discovering EVERYTHING! It always amazes me how the little things become important discoveries with my girls!
    BTW I like red – with cream, that’s what I prefer over green 🙂

  2. Miranda Buijs

    LOL..someone must haven been steeling something from me too 😉

    Lovely pics of your son!

    I prefer red….I’m not a ‘green’ person 😉 My decorations are gold and white…

  3. Oh those are adorable pictures of your son trying to reach the mailbox! I love them! Sorry I’ve not been here for a few days, been busy! LOL

  4. hmmm green is my favorite colour, but so far as being a christmas colour then it has to be red, b/c green to me is not christmas alone, it needs the red, but red can be christmas all on its on…lol in the middle of an argument with my DH and this question is what distracts me, life>>> you gotta love it!

  5. I fianlly got caught up with your Christmas blogs. They are wonderful! This one is my FAV! I LOVE the pics, expecially the one where he’s trying to mail the letter :)!!! I read the letter at DST too – very funny!!!!!! BTW- I have no idea what a digger, a lorry or welly boots are :)!!!!

    Left you a Christmas gift :)!

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