Day 12 – A Nativity (with an unconventional visitor)

I love Nativity sets and I now have quite a number gathered up over the years. This one is a particular favourite as it is wooden and very child-friendly. I remember buying it in Selfridges in London and when Sarah was small she used to ask why Jesus was born in a table?

Today while taking my daily Christmas photo for this blog, my son stood at my side shouting “Cheese” to make Baby Jesus smile :). He then insisted on adding Santa to the visitors who came to the stable, and that I take another photo!!

So here are 3 photos for your delight! The first, me trying to be creative with the depth of field:

The 2nd including an unconventional visitor to Bethlehem

i always want to share a few pics of Sam taken while he was enthusiastically singing and dancing and trying to shake off his Santa hat while singing Jingle Bells infront of the Christmas Tree.

Todays Christmas Question/Answer

When do you open your presents on Christmas Day?

Our present opening is now spread through out the day, with stockings and Santa presents being opened before breakfast. After breakfast, we give each other our family gifts to one another. When Grandparents arrive during the day, the will be another exchange and opening of gifts. Finally, we open the rest after our Christmas Dinner, and spend the rest of the day struggling to open packaging and insert the correct size of batteries!! Please share when the presents are opened it in your house.

Thanks to everyone who has been leaving lovely comments, and also to those who have left some virtual presents under the Christmas Tree at the top of this post. I know it makes NO SENSE, but it’s fun 🙂

Take care, and see you tomorrow – when I may share a Christmas PAPER lo (shock and horror!!!) and might even let you see Jesus’ helicopter……

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  1. I love that last photo…such a cutie!

    we open our personal gifts when we wake up on Christmas morning…. and then we swap with my MIL’s side on Christmas Eve since that is also her birthday……….and later on Christmas day we swap at my FIL’s

    I used to wake up my parents between 4-5 am when I was very little and make all of us do it then

  2. We open gifts on Christmas morning once everyone is up and moving around but it may be the last year we can sleep in because next year we will have our first little one in our home.

  3. Great to see the visitor over there..LOL…

    We open our presents in the afternoon of December 25th, when all of the family comes together….

  4. Lovely photos and the namger / nativity scene is fabulous – I want one just like it!
    We open Christmas presents in the monring and throughout the day as we get together with family. always have to have a big bag handy for all the wrapping and packagine bits and pices – and to rummage through later to find the missing bits and pieces!

  5. Ahhh, the enthusiasm of the youth! I did a sort of dance last night as my friend Melanie and I decorated my little Charlie Brown Tree… I just could not help myself, as we lived in such small places before I’d given up on even having one of any size! Your son is SO CUTE!

    We open our Christmas Gifts just after breakfast. Going to check out the webcam!

    🙂 B

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