Day 21 – A short post for the shortest day

The title says it all. The kids have stopped school for Christmas, so even less time than usual for blogging.

Here is today’s photo – a selection of Christmas Trees on my hall table – can you spot the two made by 2 of my kids?!!

Following on from yesterday’s post. I must say I was amazed by how few countries actually have Christmas Crackers – I suppose some things are just so much part of Christmas, that we tend to overlook the uniqueness of them. So my quest is to find other unique traditions, and my next one is BOXING Day.

Boxing Day

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Boxing Day is a public holiday celebrated in the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand and Australia and many other Commonwealth countries on December 26, the day after Christmas Day;[1][2] or alternatively on the next weekday after Christmas.

The term originates in Victorian-era Britain, for the day after Christmas, when the rich would box up gifts and bring them to the poor, and also to their own servants (for whom Boxing Day, of flesh, wine, and pine logs to a poor man on St. Stephen’s Day).

The term also refers to the fact that children traditionally opened their money-boxes on this day to access the money they had received over the Christmas period

So – Do you have Boxing Day? Or do you have another name for 26th December? And how do you usually spend the day?

For us it is usually a chance to eat lots more food, often leftovers from Christmas Day, but I love more Christmas Dinner on Boxing Day. In fact I may enjoy it more, as there is little effort required – just some reheating.

It is also a chance to meet up with the rest of your close relatives you haven’t seen on Christmas Day, and usually some more presents to exchange/deliver.

As an older teenager, I used to go for a long walk in Glenarriff Forest, and then go to Lara Lodge for some warm refreshments. It was always great to get out in the air. This year we will travel to my parents house, and I am sure it will be another lovely day.

So, as always, please share what you do, if anything, on the day after Christmas.

Take care, and I hope you enjoy the Christmas festivites, wherever you are in the world.

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  1. Yep, we have boxing day in Canada! I usually spend the morning shopping and the afternoon at my in-laws house.

  2. The day after Christmas in the states is just another shopping day with great sales. I think it should be a legal holiday though. I have to work so I’ll miss all the sales. Buckeyes are really just peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate, but instead of being completely covered, the tops are left free of chocolate. It resembles the buckeye nut, which is the offical state nut of Ohio. It’s also the name of our college football team, so it’s quite the big deal here. Emjoy your holidays! Thanks for stopping by to say hi.

  3. The 26th is a public holiday in Iceland. We simply call it the Second Day of Christmas – and it’s a good day to relax and process all the food you ate on Christmas Day, before we have to go back to work on the 27th 🙂

  4. We work on Boxing day….boo! It’s just another day here, unfortunately. We do the Christmas Crackers every year, however. You can buy them in the States at Williams Sonoma!

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