Lessons Learned at SITS Bloggy Boot Camp, Atlanta

Continuing on from yesterdays post about attending a blog conference, (in Atlanta, Georgia – yes, incredible, I know!!!)  today I will share some specific lessons I learned from the sessions – I learned SO much, but here is the key phrases that stayed with me from of the sessions, including a link to the speaker.

First a few more views from the venue – breathtaking

1. You are your brand – Amy BHole from Freaky Perfect)

 What are my distinguishing characteristics & personality traits?

  • What are my guiding principles and values?
  • What is my role?
  • What is my promise?
  • What is my story?

Be your own voice
Be consistent
Sell yourself, but don’t sell out

2. You can learn blogging lessons from Twighlight – by Stacey Nerdin (Tree, Root, Twig)

Taking time to live with inspire your work. Your blog becomes more alive. 
Just like dishes, laundry and lego – it won’t disappear. 
Your success relies on being whole and refreshed.

3. Engaging with your readers – Melissa Culbertson (MomComm Blog)

 (Melissa is on the left)

Be Generous
Be Greatful
Be Great

4.Writing workshop with Kathy Bouska (MamaKatslosinit) and Francesca Banducci (SitsGirls)

 (Yes, I was THAT close to MamaKat – starstruck!)

Find your voice, be yourself and set boundaries
Create value, offer variety, ensure readability
Find your niche and become an expert

5. Design Matters with Cynthia from NapWarden

(Cynthia is on the one on the left)

Your header is your identity, your first impression, and paints a picture about who you are.
Use your Footer for secondary navigation, and link to other places you can be found on the web
Use quality graphics, use fonts sparingly
Have cross platfrom consistency (twitter, facebook etc)

6. The Art of the About Me Page – Shanelle from LiveLearnLaunch

The importance of your About Me page. Your Twitter link should take you to your About Me page on your blog.
Definine your role – by WHAT we are, not by WHO we are for others, include HOW you are (your tangible qualities)
Ignite interest and include a call to action.

7. Marketing Yourself with Danielle and Alison – SWAY

Plan where you want your blog to be in the future, and plan the steps you need to undertake to achieve this.
Include a page of testimonials from other companies you have worked with.
Create a media kit which you can send on demand to companies
Everyone has a unique selling point – know what yours is, and own it!
Don’t work for free under the guise of good exposure – if you don’t value yourself and your blog, noone else will.

And a few more photos from the SITS conference in Atlanta

As the jet lag finally recedes, I am appreciating more and more just how much I learnt in a day, and even more importantly the connections I made. Just need to persuade Tiffany and Francesca to organise a UK/Ireland one next.

What is blogging lesson you have learned recently?

To find out more about SITS Bloggy Boot Camp in Atlanta, and read about other bloggers experiences visit HERE.

For more Lessons Learned by bloggers this week, visit From Inmates to Playdates

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  1. Such fun it was, was it not?

    I think the most helpful thing for me was re-focusing on what my goals are.

    I so appreciated it that they had the courage to say out loud that almost NO ONE gets rich off of blogging!

  2. Hi JM,

    I’ve enjoyed your blog to this point, can’t imagine it being better, but I’m sure you will keep pushing the bar up, up and up.

    I will be saying “I was THIS close to… JM” haha!

    Truly though, your blog has always been an inspiration to me. I’ve learned from you. Keep it up, you can’t stop cream from rising!

    Friends always,

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